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Women Are Running Shht!!

Women are powerful, intelligent, sexy, fun, and much more. Women have been doing a lot since the beginning of time. We are lawyers, doctors, assistants, teachers, entrepreneurs, and more. You know the saying, "I am women, hear me roar. When I think about it, it makes me feel strong and that nothing can stop me. That saying stands for inner strength, peace, hopefulness, and security within. We have a women Vice President now, and every little girl is looking up at her, saying, I can be that or the President directly. Women have been the backbone of the family for years. We have held everyone down, but ourselves and it's our time to take the run of things now. We have stood in the back while men have taken the credit for something we have done, and it's time for us to shine. We have taken care of the children, our men, and everything else, all while putting a smile on our faces. We have been hurt, bruised, humiliated, depleted, all while holding things together. We have had to fight for the right to vote, work, be seen, valued, respected, and the list goes on in 2021. Hell, we are still fighting for our rights as women, even with a Vice President as a woman.

Women have a lot to be proud of. We have come so far, and we are farther than when we first started. In the words of Judge Ruth Ginsburg Bader, "My mother always told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your person, be independent." Those words speak to me as a woman. I can be sweet but strong and have my independence to be whatever I want to be in life. We celebrate women this month, this year, and for the rest of our lives! We are determined to change the narrative about us, and dammit, it's time. We have different movements like MeToo, Women's March, Black Women's Movements, Young Girls Movements, and more.

As a daughter's mother, I try my best to instill in her self-confidence, independence, self-love, motivation, and more. We have a motherly responsibility to set our daughters up even if our mothers did not give us the blueprint. They are our future and a replica of us. We teach them that they will play out in their own lives, and when they have children, they will imitate the same thing in most cases. Queen, you are strong, you are an amazing mother, you are good at your job, and do not let anyone make you think otherwise. You got this!! Love you, Queen!!

Women are the future! We have taken over the boardrooms, Fortune 500 companies, owning our own several successful companies, flying to the moon, saving lives in the surgical rooms, owning our voices in the political arena, all while handling our day-to-day personal lives. No more women being cute or an arm piece. We have a voice, and all will hear it. The days of being quiet and letting things be, have gone and died. Women all over the world are fighting to be heard. Even in the countries that do not value a women's voice, they are fighting to be heard and have simple rights as men in their country. I repeat it, and it is our damn time for women worldwide to have our voices to be heard and have equal rights. I stand with those women in other countries that are still fighting for simple respect from their male counterparts, hell from their fathers, husbands, or brothers. The world is changing, but not fast enough as far as I'm concern. To my sisters in other countries, I stand by you in your fight. I love you!!

Women, we are resourceful in any situation and can make shit happened. As we are coming to our last weeks in women's month, let's continue to celebrate each other. Let's continue to uplift each other in a positive light. We are sisters, and we are all in the same struggle and fight. No need to hate on each. Fix each other's crown without letting others know what you did. Love you, Queens. Until Next Week!!

Talk To You Soon

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