• Alvinya Key

We Are Strong!

Over the past months, we have all dealt with COVID and everything that has come with it. People have lost their jobs, homes, kids are distance learning, people are working from home, racism is everywhere, and so much more. This year has really shown out for everyone, good and bad. Being in quarantine has definitely put a strain on a lot of us. Mental health is at its all-time high. People have forgotten the common decency of respect. I haven’t been into politics as much as I have been this year. It’s sad how our country is in such devastation and turmoil. With all this going on, I can seriously understand why people are breaking and mentally unstable. This is a lot to take in, especially if you are a black woman in the world. You have to be poised, educated, quiet, and non-threatening to others for them to like you. Still, then people have a problem with you. You can’t talk loudly, or you will be called ghetto or angry black women. If you’re educated then, it’s surprising to other races, like we can’t be smart and intelligent. We have to fight for a place in a world that doesn’t honesty give two shits about US. It’s sad! We work extra hard than our counterparts and still don’t get the recognition or pay we deserve.

The hypocrisy of it all. We have to be strong all the damn time, and if we show weakness, it’s a problem. Sometimes we don’t want to be strong, and we just want to rest and not carry the world on our damn shoulders. I have heard horror stories of black women not getting the treatment they need in the hospital when they deliver because of a doctor’s bias. Some have even died giving birth. All women should get the same treatment when going into the delivery room. I have experienced a nurse and a doctor telling me I could take the pain while in labor. Another doctor and a nurse stepped in, and I was given my epidural. That should have never taken place. During the protest, black women are treating poorly by the police. We should be able to protest our rights without worry about dying or getting hurt by the very own people who are supposed to protect US. Black women in politics have to carry themselves in such a way to not seem angry or aggressive because they get a bad label or rep. When a man does it, it’s normal, and he’s passionate or intense on what his beliefs are. Black women are the most unprotected women out there. We carry the weight of the world on our backs and are expected to take it and smile.

Now is the time to uplift our black women, protect our black women, love our black women, stand up for our black women, and let our black women be themselves. Other cultures tan to get our skin, get surgery to have the bodies we do and copy the culture we create. It’s funny how other races copy US but hate US at the same time. Hell, some of US even hate US. Now is the time to appreciate what black women have endured and brought forth in this world. We are doctor’s, lawyer’s, entrepreneur’s, corporate exec’s, mother’s, daughter’s, aunt’s, grandmother’s, speakers, actresses, singers, performer’s, producer’s, director’s, writer’s, politician’s, activist’s, designers, and more. We already have proven worthiness, and we demand to be treated as such. We aren’t asking for a seat at the table; hell, we have established time after time We can create our own table. It’s time to give credit where credit is due. 2020 has birthed many black women entrepreneurs. WE will continue to overcome and be successful. Black Women Rock!! Until Next Time!

Talk To You Soon!!

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