• Alvi

Second Trimester Aches and Pains

Going into my second trimester has been interesting at the least to say. I’m getting out of the morning sickness phase but now have entered the pain stage of this pregnancy. I have not experienced this much ache and pain with my other two at all before. I figured I was 16 when I became pregnant with my daughter and 25 with my son. I was young and vibrant and did not feel a thing. Now at the age of 37, I’m feeling everything. I’m having pain in every part of my stomach. One time I was having horrible pain at work and my supervisor said she was taking me to the hospital. When I got there the doctor checked me out on the ultrasound and found nothing wrong with me or the baby. It was just ligament pain from the stretching. I never felt that pain before with my other two children and I must say that pain can be excruciating. This was not the first time I would feel this pain and it won’t be the last. I decided to buy a body pillow, that helps while I’m at home and when I’m at work I have a backrest that sits in my chair. These two items help most of the time, but there is the pain here and there that I get from time to time. I recommend every pregnant woman that has a problem with sleeping in her bed at night to try the body pillow for the comfort. You can order this one from With all the pain an aches I'm having, I would not change anything for the world. At the end of this, 9 month's I will be able to see my little boy and that brings such joy to my heart.

Talk To You Soon!

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