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Raising My Black Children In Today's Society

So much has been going on in the world in the past three weeks. As a black mother raising four boys and having a grown daughter, I get scared for them. We are living in times where the color of our skin is still a threat to the world. I can’t believe in 2020 we are still fighting for equality and justice for my people. Having kids in this world is something that I will never regret. I want them to find their voices and be whatever God has in store for them. I saw a saying that “I was born black, I will die black, and I don’t want to die because I’m black.” That saying is so powerful and full of truth. I was born this color, and I don’t want to die because of my color. I want my children to live in a world that doesn’t judge them by the color of their skin, but unfortunately, we do. It’s my job as a mother to educate and inform them of their beauty and rights and still keep their spirits and hopes alive. It’s my job to uplift them and make sure the world doesn’t put their negative views on them and how they see themselves. It’s my job to show them the love the world doesn’t want to show them. It’s my job to make sure they know about financial literacy, owning their businesses, and pass that knowledge to their children.

These senseless deaths that have been occurring should have been prevented. Unfortunately, the police feel so threatened by the color of our skin. I have seen countless videos where white people have done far more to the police, and not once were they killed for their vicious attacks. We do nothing and get killed. What does that say to our people, hell to our children growing up in this? I shouldn’t have to explain to my 11, 12, and 13-year-old sons about police brutality at all, but here I am speaking to them regularly about this. My daughter is 22 years old, and I talk to her always as well. I let her know when she gets pulled over to watch what she says or does because they could take her 110lbs as a damn threat, which is fucking crazy. Excuse my language, but I’m upset and tired of having to see hashtags every day and no one being held accountable for their vicious acts. It’s quite sickening and very much sad to me.

I will continue to do my part as a mother to instill in my children to treat people as they wanted to be treated. I will teach that manifesting good in the world will always come back positive in the universe. I will instill savings, keep your credit good, manage money, have a business, and be kind. I will teach that no matter what people think of you, the only important thing is how you look at yourself. Never let anyone make you feel inferior to them at no point in time. To always try to keep their innocence as long as they can. This world can make you hard and not love the world, but you have to shine your light on the dark areas. If you have to fight back for your freedom and what’s yours, then do so. We will not take being destroyed by the system anymore, we will fight back until our voices are heard, and changes are made. I wrote a letter to my children the weekend everyone went out protesting, because I felt it was on my heart to let them know how beautiful, powerful, and loved they are. I sent it to each of them on their tablets to carry those words with them at all times. I leave you with the letter I sent to my children to encourage you all as black mother’s. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

To My Children

You are LOVED

You are WORTHY


You are A KING

You are A QUEEN


You are SMART

Your life ISN’T IN VAIN

Your life MATTERS

Don’t let the world change you from thinking that. America isn’t a pretty place, but that doesn’t mean You can’t change that.

Don’t let America tell you, you don’t deserve to be here, and you have no place. You have a place in this world.

Don’t let America tell you, who you are or that you are a threat to them, because you are NOT.

They are scared of your INTELLIGENCE

They are scared of your HOPEFULNESS

They are scared of your POWER YOU POSSESS

They are scared of you FIGHT

They are scared of your BEAUTIFUL BLACK SKIN

They are scared that if we come TOGETHER as one like my grandparents/great grandparents did, we will be UNSTOPPABLE.

They want us to fight

They want us not to have systematic change

They want us to live up to the negative narrative they portray in the media

Don’t give that to them. Continue to be the CHANGE FOR OUR PEOPLE.

Remember, they hate what they can’t be like.

Love Always,


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