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Potty Training Six Now

I talked about an earlier post about when it is time to start potty training, and now, we are about to start. Frank bought a potty last Thursday, and I thought he would begin the process while I was gone this weekend, but he did not. He bought the Summer Infant My Size Potty with Flushing Sound and Wipe Dispener from Walmart. I'm back now, and now I will start the process. My other two children, I don't even remember how I started. To think about it, I did not train them. My best friend taught my daughter, and my son's school trained him. They started the process and made it easy for me to carry the torch on. This will be a journey for both of us. Frank did not potty training his other kids. This will be a fun adventure for both of us, at least, I think. I have been getting advice from people to see how we can start the process.

My friend said to try putting him on his toilet every hour so that he can get the hang of it. Another friend said to learn to potty patterns and start to put him on the toilet then. Another friend just starts to put him on the toilet when he first wakes up, before nap time, after nap time, after he eats, and before bedtime. Whichever one we choose, I will see what works best for us. Diapers/ pull-ups started to add up in money, and where we can save, I'm all for that. I will keep you all informed and let you know how long it took. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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