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Parenting a Toddler at 40

I wrote this blog to help other moms out, and hopefully, this post will do that. I just turned 40 a couple of months, and I have a two-year-old. I have written about this before, but not to this extent. I don't know how some moms after 40 do it because I'm tired and a little frustrated at times. I can be trying to do some writing, and he will come and start to play on my computer like he is doing now, or I can try to have a phone meeting with my business partner, and he starts to scream in my ear and then laughs because he thinks it's funny. My business partners laugh and say, aww, look at little Frank. I say, oh hell no, all I want to do is just get this phone call done. Now, this does not happen all the time because I try to schedule business before Frank goes to work, but for those times I can't, well, I'm shit out of luck. I just hope Six is not full of energy. When I'm not on the phone, he is just fine, but as soon as I get on an important phone call, the energy booster comes out, and he's all over the place.

I look at these reality tv shows and even social media, I'm like, how are these women maintaining their sanity? Well, damn, you see them in a good light, in their joyous time, in their high time, that's how you perceive them. You don't know what's really going on behind closed doors or how stressed they could really be, or that some of them have nannies to help them out. I need a nanny to help me out. Frank said, will we never get a nanny because I'm at home with the kids, even though I'm getting my businesses off the ground. He's like, nope, that's not us, well I'm like yep that's definitely us.

Having babies after 40 is something special. It takes a bit of patience hell, it takes a lot of patience. When I had my daughter at 17, I was energetic, young, and full of life. Then, my son, I was 26, and I was still young and vibrant. Now that I'm 40 and have a 2-year-old, my energy level is not the same. I can't lose weight like before, going through postpartum depression, moving to a new state, and so on. I can say that I have finally started to feel back to myself. With all that saying, women having babies after 40 made it looked so easy, but it's not that easy. At least to me. I'm candid with you when I have those WTF moments. I thought I could have another child this late in age, and it would be easy like my other two. I was wrong as and the father is helping me 100% because we are together, and it's still hard. Time management can help you too with trying to get work and playing with him. Now when I use time management, my days can be significant. For the days that run off track and get super hectic, well, everything just goes to shit. At 40, my patience level is zero, and that's with everyone. Six is my twin, he has a lot of my traits, good and bad. Hopefully he grows out of the bad ones. One moment he could be running a muck in the house and the next moment he gives me that look and I just melt. He already knows how to get me. His father says, I'm a sucker. He's right! I wouldn't have let my other two get away with half the stuff Six does, like I said before my patience level is different. I hears this saying before, your last child will be the one that gives you everything you did to your parents and that's Six.

I did find ways to help me out, I work out twice a day starting this week, and it has helped so far. So, we shall see. I realize that boys are different from girls because my daughter was calm and relaxed, and so is my 13-year-old son, but the Six is the opposite. I just have to get used to having a very energetic child, but intelligent as hell, might I add. He needs to be in acting the way he overly exaggerates. At the end of it all, I salute those moms 40 and over with toddlers; we gotta stick together, so they don't try us, crazy ladies. Until Next Time!

Talk To You Soon!!

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