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My First Mammogram

October is Breast Cancer Month, and we all should be checking our boobs. First, I want to send all the prayers and love to those who are in the fight and to those family members who lost a loved one to breast cancer. I made my appointment for my annual physical and decided now that I have reached 40, it’s time to get my boobs checked. My dad’s mother had breast cancer, and she survived by the grace of God. We are very thankful for this because some families are as blessed to say this about their loved ones. I researched and asked several people how it would feel having my breast be examined by the machine. Look, I have seen the movies and how the woman put her breast on the device and has her boob smashed down something fierce.

I was frightening, the least to say of what pain I may feel having my boob smashed down by this machine. Then I thought about it, no matter how scared I may be, I rather know what’s going on than not to know. So, I decided to put my big girl panties on, schedule my appointment, and then go to the appointment. I checked in with the check-in station and waited for my name to be called. Once my name was called by the technician, she asked if I wanted to change in the changing room or the exam room. I told her it did not matter to me. She told me to take off my top, bra, change in my gown, and leave my bottoms on. She entered my information into the computer system and asked me to wipe off any deodorant I may have. Once wiping the deodorant off, she told me to come closer to the machine, and she positioned my right boob down. Once my boob was in the position she needed it to be, she started moving the clear clap down, compacting my boob all the way down. She began to look at her screen to see if she could see the x-ray right and told me not to move or breathe. Once she got the shot she wanted, the machine let up on my boob, and she told me I could breathe again. We did these three more times. OMG, the feeling of having my boobs compressed in this machine was uncomfortable as hell, and to top it off, I had to hold my breath. WTF!!! This is the price women pay to ensure a clean bill of health.

If you think about it, I would instead go through this uncomfortable pain for a few minutes, then the doctor telling me I wanted too long to get a check, and there’s nothing they can do. Every woman in their mid-ages of life should be getting their mammogram regularly. This month is dedicated to Breast Cancer, and as women, we must take that seriously. You can be literally saving your life. I salute the fighters of breast cancer, keep on fighting, and get well. I have faith everything will work in your favor as God wanted it to be. Love you ladies, and get your boobs check! Until Next Time!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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