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Men Need Self-Care Too!

Women juggle a lot, motherhood, work, family, friends, outside life, and trying to maintain self-care can be a hassle for us, but it is necessary to make time for it. Just to keep your insanity alone with everything we have going on. There is no exception for men not to have self-care as well. Men need some alone time and time to take care of themselves, just as many women do, especially dads. I’m always transparent in my writing, and this post is no exception. Frank has always been my rock in my self-care and making sure that I’m doing okay. He’s always putting himself on the back burner and not doing self-care for himself. I have not been much of an advocator in his self-care, as he has been in mines.

As I’m writing this post, I have been selfish in thinking that he’s a man and he’s okay because the truth is that is not the truth at all. He has been talking to me about needing some time, but he knows that I have been in a fragile state and has waited for me to get better, and now that I am, when is it his time. At first, I kind of gave him a look, you know, the look ladies we give our men when they say something we don’t want to hear. I told him I think about him getting self-care and having some time for himself, but the truth is I have thought about it, but I have not made space or time for him to do so like he has for me. That’s why I said I am selfish.

This week, I looked at a show about relationships and what it means to make it last for the long haul. I realized that I have been seriously selfish and that men get tired and overworked, just like women. Dads get exhausted in other ways than moms, but that does not mean they don’t need self-care to rejuvenate and get back to themselves too. I called Frank at work and apologized for not hearing him and told him once a month, he can schedule his time, just like I have my time. He was surprised and said we need to record this, but he appreciated me for hearing him.

In relationships, we must hear our partners in what they are asking us. A simple action of listening can help reduce a huge argument or a person feeling not heard in the relationship. We need to encourage our men to get self-care; to ladies, this will help them just as much as it helps us. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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