• Alvinya Key

Letter To My Black Queen's

My Black Queens, Nubian Queens, we are the same in every shape or form. I love you, ladies. We have suffered being taking away from our land, being brought into slavery, rape, raising other people’s kids, and working as housemaids. Not being able to vote, Jim Crow laws, being beaten, hosed down, not valued, passed over, and the fuckin list goes on. Don’t sweat it, my sistahs, we have come a long damn way from being taken from our land. We are Vice President of the United States, Congresswoman women, First Lady, Doctors, Entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 owners, on the cover of Forbes Magazine, going into space, Mathematicians, and sooo much fuckin more. We are the light that shines bright like a diamond. We are the intricate cut of the pressure that makes the diamond. We are the ones the people want to copy and emulate all the time. Please give us our flowers! We deserve that!

I want to give our women a special shoutout in making her history, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, Tamika Mallory, Shonda Rhimes, Ava DuVernay, Amanda Gorman, my mother Carolyn Key, my grandmother Mildred Henderson, and more. These women have set the path of changing the world for us and setting the tone of positivity. They have fought the good fight for us and are still showing us how to gracefully do the work that needs to be done for the US. Let’s not forget about my girls crushing in their lives and careers, Crystal Jones, Eula Gomez, LaShell Harrison, Brandy Belton, Damaris Gandy, Elizabeth O’Neal, LaNisa Williams, and so many other ladies I know. The most essential shoutout is to my daughter Tamir Key, who is an upcoming fashion designer. She is doing some fantastic things, and I’m proud of her for what she has accomplished and what she is accomplishing. To all other amazing women in my family, keep killing that shht.

We are black women creating our own tables and breaking barriers. We all deserve our flowers, and for that, I save the best for last in celebration of Women’s Month. We have to give each other our flowers now. We have to come together in our sisterhood and not putting each other down. We have to show the world we are united as one, and no one can break that bond we all have. We march together, cry together, bury our men together, we are the backbone of families; it’s time QUEEN to take back what is ours. No more of the days of people taking us for granted, taking our style and making it their own, or not seeing US. We are STRONG and RESILIENT! I wanted to keep this post short and sweet, because we already know, we run this shht. I love you, my sistah’s, keep your heads up, keep creating doors for other sistah’s to walk in, and keep building the generational wealth for your families. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!

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