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Is Your Partner Ten Toes Down Or Will They Fold?

In relationships, we have ups and downs. It’s like a rollercoaster. Some cannot handle the rollercoaster, and others take the rollercoaster-like a G. Which one are you when it comes to a relationship? Do you have your partner back and stay ten toes down, or do you fold? If you have an entrepreneur as a partner, sometimes their dreams can sound crazy as hell, but that’s because they see what their future can be once they achieve their goal. You know the saying like minds think alike, and as I’m older, I understand that saying all too well now. When being an entrepreneur, you need someone who understands the ups and downs of your hustle and will ride with you no matter what. Every day is not always sunny, there are gloomy days, and you need someone who can balance you out. You need a partner who will be your cheerleader even when you don’t want to be your own damn cheerleader.

Not everyone can find that, but dammit, I have found that in Frank. Every crazy dream or idea I have had, he will ride with me. He encourages me to strive for excellence and not to give up on myself. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a coffee convention for Hustlers Cup Café and Frank with me. I’m an introvert, and Frank claims to be an introvert, but I cannot tell. When we go out, he always manages to find someone new to talk to, especially when we are at the bar. The coffee convention was no exception, Frank was my beginning talker, and I came in as the closer. We were a fantastic team; he promoted my coffee shop like it was his last thing on earth to do. Ladies, if you do not have a man like this on your team when it comes to your business or anything you do in business, get you someone like him. It is refreshing to have a partner on your team that has your back and wants to see you win, and you know when you win, the whole family wins.

We have come a long way to get here, it was not all pretty and roses, but I’m glad we have made it here. Some relationships do not last the tests and trials and baby we have. It takes a particular type of man to sit back and let his woman shine and create the space for her to make all her dreams come to reality. Thank God bless Frank to do so. I remember seeing Tabitha Brown on social media saying how she promised her husband she would retire if he worked for the LAPD in five years, but that turned into fifteen years. I felt her on that. I pray to do the same for Frank. He has worked his ass off for this family to provide, especially to live out my dreams. So, I’m saying in my post as I write this that I will retire Frank and allow him to follow his dreams just as he did with me. It is so! Ladies, in the end, just find someone who has you back, and that will stay with you no matter what, especially if you are going the entrepreneur route. You need that support from your partner and that extra push. It helps! Trust me it does. Until Next Time Ladies!!

Talk To You Soon

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