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How Do You Feel About Your Children Going Back To School: I’m Not Ok!

Recently our President and the Secretary of Education have said that schools need to be fully open by August, which is only a few weeks away. Neither has no plans on how our kids would be safe and how the teachers would be reliable. This, to me, is nonsense. Not one person has a clear policy on how getting kids back in school will be executed. All I hear is that we have to get the kids back into school, which is crucial to their learning. Our president dodges the critical questions on how each school will be handled, and our Secretary of Education went on CNN and dodged the issues as well. All she said kept saying was inner-city schools need to open, but said the schools have to figure out how that will look. She doesn't have a plan or anyone making these decisions have no clue. We have been in this pandemic for months, and no one has any answers, and this is just crazy to me. States have been put back on lockdown because the numbers aren't going down, and it's a shame our leaders aren't leading correctly. Our governor has issued a statement saying he is banning wearing the mask rule in Georgia. Are you kidding me right now? Our numbers are sorrowing in Atlanta, and now you're telling people don't have to wear a mask. Are we in the hunger games right now, everyone for themselves? Now you want to put our kids in danger of this and say go back to school. What if someone gets sick and brings the virus home. Now others are getting infected because of the leaders what to use our kids as experiments.

As a parent, I am scared. There's no real plan on how the kids will be safe and monitor social distancing and class sizes. I want to get back to normal just as fast as everyone else, but I don't want to put my kids in harm's way. Do I want to be homeschooling? NO! I would instead home school and keep my kids safe with me than take my chances with them being at school. I actually talk to my kid's school administrators about their plans, and they had no real idea. Some kids would go on some days, and others would go on other days. She basically said the blind leading the blind and taking it one day at a time. I understand they don't have clarity because of our leaders, and I'm not blaming them at all, but as a parent, I refuse to put my kids in harm's way.

I have decided to do virtual learning from another school for my kids. As much as I love their school unless they have online, we have to choose otherwise online. Have we even thought about how the teachers feel about going back to teaching? To me, they don't get paid enough to be nurses as well as teachers. They should get a considerable pay raise, before returning. I am glad that Nevada and California have decided to go online for the school year. This makes sense to me in so many ways. Our leaders have to do better for our kids and teachers. I will keep you all posted on how it's going with homeschooling for the year. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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