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Have You Been Managing Your Time Properly?

With everything going on in the world, how are you able to manage it all? I definitely thought I was balancing my home and work life, but I just recently found out from my man I have not been. As I sit here with my shot of tequila with mint leaves in it writing this post at 8:02pm. I shouldn’t be working, or should I say writing right now, but this is the second day I have been able to type without my wrist giving me any problems. For the past five days, my right wrist has been in pain. I haven’t been able to type, workout, or do anything that has me using my right hand. I put my hand in a wrist brace, and it made the pain worse. I spoke to my friend who is a nurse, and she told me it was carpal tunnel. I have been on my computer and phone typing too much. This would happen when Frank tells me I need to manage my time more while working at home. For five days, I haven’t been able to get any work done, and I felt like I haven’t accomplished anything this week. I have tried several times to type with just one hand, but that has been a challenge. Yesterday was a hectic day for me, I was able to catch up on a lot of work, and I can say I went to bed at a decent time, 10:30pm. It is suitable because I had to catch up on my work, I planned on doing in the previous days before my wrist decided it was going to stop working.

I know Frank was a little happy he didn’t have to tell me to stop working. He has been saying I’m doing too much and not doing enough family time during the week. I start work late most days because west coast time is three hours behind me. Some days I do stay up later because I might have a meeting at 5:30pm, but that’s 8:30pm our time, and it can last for almost two hours. I get up workout in the mornings, and once I’m done doing that, I meditate/pray, take a shower, and start my day. That’s around 8:30am. I have to feed the Six and get the other boys up for online school. By the time I’m done with that, it’s 10:00am/10:30am. After having my two cups of coffee and eat my breakfast. So, I really don’t start my day until about 11:00am. Between that time, I stop and do other things around the house, and when I actually close down my computer, it’s around 9:00pm/10:00pm. Frank told me last week I need to manage my time more and figure out a schedule. I said what will happen when my businesses really take off, and I’m gone a lot. He said if I work on it now, I will already be able to manage my time. Umm, yes, I guess he is right a little lol. I also rebuttable back that when he was always at work, and I wanted some time, he wasn’t able to do so. He then again reminded me that he had no choice and was working to make sure all of our bills were paid. Now we have a cushion and don’t really have to worry about money at this moment. He now wants me to have a schedule for the week. On Monday through Friday, I will work from 12:00pm-6:00pm my time and only have two late days, Wednesday and Friday. If I have to work on the weekends, I will only do it for three hours and nothing more.

At first, I was a little upset that he wanted to have time for when to stop working, but then I realized I can still follow my goals and have family time. I did need to manage my time for work and work only, and after work, turn it off and have family time/ relationship time. In relationships, you have to give and take to make the relationship work. He never said he wanted me to stop working, he just asked me to manage my time better for when we do both get swamped, we know what time schedule for us is. I realize that I can have to be a successful woman and still have a family. It takes work on both of our parts, and we have been doing the work since we moved here. We have our agreement, and we both know shit happens, and sometimes nothing goes as plan, but it’s ok, and we will work on that when it arises. In the end, as long as we have communication with each other, we can work things out. Managing your time is not only crucial in your relationship, but in life period. Managing your time can help keep you from being frustrated, overworked, and much more. Always remember to communicate with your partner about how you feel. It can save a lot of problems in the future. If you keep quiet and let things boil over. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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