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Girl You The Sh$$

For the past couple of weeks, life has been a little bit of a roller coaster for me. I have been working on my second book, editing my documentary, working on my magazine, having a grand opening for my coffee shop with my business partner, all while being a mom and the best woman to my man at home. It can all be fucking exhausting, to say the least. I prayed for this, and I would not take anything back. With everything going on, staying focus, and being balanced is vital. Having all the balls juggling and not trying to drop one. Every woman with the same responsibilities has gone through this, especially my mom’s out there. I had everything under control until after my trip to California, I was excited and happy to be finally opening the coffee shop, and I still had my writing and filming projects as well.

When I got back, something changed in me. I started second-guessing myself on all my projects. I did not know what was going on with me. I was in my head about second-guessing my skills and what I bring to the table. I hide it very well from people. I wanted to talk about it in this post because I promised my readers to always be honest and share the true stories of my life. As you all know, I take anti-depressant to deal with my postpartum depression. I have been feeling perfect for the past couple of months and thought I did not need the medication anymore. I decided I would take myself off the medication, and that was a mistake. I had done not realize it was the fact that I went cold turkey on my prescription that made my mind go wild. I was running a hundred miles an hour of negative thoughts. I doubted myself on everything I was doing for days until I realized the problem was the medication. I started retaking my pills, and I started feeling back myself again. Mental health is a real issue and should not be treated lightly, and now I do not treat it lightly myself. I take It more seriously than I have.

Now that I’m back to me and back on my shit, writing, editing, and organizing all my other business affairs. I started back working out, and I even lost 10 fucking pounds. When a person has a positive mindset, it changes everything about them. My mind is clear, and I’m back in my lane. Writing and film is my lane, and everything else is a bonus to my lane. Staying in your line and knowing what you bring is essential to keeping your insanity. When you do not see what you’re supposed to do in life, it makes you uncomfortable and questions everything. When you do know, but you question yourself, that’s called self-doubt and getting in the way of your own blessings. You must own shit, lift your head up, Queen, and get back to being what God put you on this earth to become, the boss you are. Queen, you are beautiful, unique, strong, full of life, and blessed. Do not ever let self-doubt, self-hatred, or other people get in the way of what your true calling is. Once you know what you are supposed to be in life, you better refine your craft and do better than anyone else. Do not try to go in someone else lane and get distracted; that only gets you off your track. Stay in your own lane and focus on what you bring to the table and watch everything fall into place like it is supposed to. Love you all, Queens. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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