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Being Authentically You

Yesterday I was in an interview for my documentary. As I explained the importance of my documentary and self-care for mothers, one of the ladies asked me a question about my own self-care regimen. I told her I started working on myself more by getting my hair, nails, and feet done. That I take a bubble bath with a drink after the kids go to sleep, I started back working out again, going out with some friends, and do some positive affirmations. Well, they got on me heavy, and I told good, but I need to do more. As they were talking, I realized they were right. They broke it down for my cousin on their podcast and gave us some good advice; we needed to hear from older women who have already been there and wanted to help guide us. I’m truly grateful to these two women for their advice because it got me thinking about how many other women aren’t really taking care of themselves.

We always talk about being a good mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter, entrepreneur, employee, sister, cousin, friend, and more. What do we have left for ourselves after being all these people for everyone else? We lose ourselves for our children, our men, our careers, then end up trying to find who we are when it’s too late. These two women taught me it’s time to start now while we are young, setting some boundaries, so when we are older in life, we aren’t regretting some of our decisions we made in our lives. I talked to my bestie this morning about the conversation I had yesterday, and she said they are correct. She wishes she did some things differently in her life. How many of us can say this right now? I know I can!

After having my last child, I lost who I was as a person. I never wanted to admit that, and I’m glad I’m finally doing so. I tried to morph into this person I thought I could be moving to Georgia, and that’s not who I am. I gained a tremendous amount of weight, stop taking care of myself, and fell into depression. I kept lying to myself that I would be ok with therapy, and yes, it has to help me work through a lot of childhood trauma I didn’t know I haven’t dealt with, but it was much more profound. It wasn’t until I was 40 a light came on, and I realized I had to get back to me. I started getting my hair, nails, feet done regularly, working out more, and going on with some women friends I have out here now. The kicker yesterday gave me that real ah-hah moment, that hey, I must consciously do something for me every day. Set that time for you and let your children and man know that that’s your time and do not disturb me. We as women need that time to love ourselves and have some quality time with just us. Get to us better.

Being you and in the aspect, you can be and whoever doesn’t like it, FUCK EM!!! You must be your true authentic self. Ladies, you only get one life in this world we live in, and you better that shit to your fullest. Love you all!! Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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