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Appreciating What I Have

For the longest, I have been saying I have been ready to move back to California since we moved into our home in Georgia. I have never made our house a home at all. When we first moved to Georgia, I was open-minded, but then post-partum happened, and I missed home even more. The more I was missed home, the more I started to fight the idea of wanting to stay in Georgia. When I started going to therapy weekly, and Frank said I could go to LA once a month to visit, I still would miss home even more. A year went by and finally started to convince Frank it was time to move back, and at the beginning of the year, he was all for it. Then around late March, everything took a turn for the worse; everything shut down because of COVID-19, and we were quarantined in our house. We had to be in the house for months, and that made me appreciate my home. It was God's blessings that we had to be in the house for months. At first, I was still adamant about moving again, and as time went by, moving wasn't that big of a deal.

Frank made a statement about moving that where we aren't moving anytime soon to California since we haven't found a place yet. I was very pissed at first. I spoke to my dad, and he said baby, just let it be and see what happens. I talk to my therapist, and she said, just explain to him how you feel about how you feel. Then we spoke, and he told me that he said that we why we would move into a small apartment when we have a big house. He makes so much sense, though. It wasn't until we went to California to visit that made me appreciate what we have back in Georgia. Frank and I made a deal that I can come back to California two weeks on and two weeks off for the business that I have with my partner's.

I appreciate everything that God has blessed me within Georgia and in California. I have a beautiful home with my family in Georgia, and I have a great business that is going to be doing some fantastic things in California for women. I realized that if I want to continue to work on my books, documentaries, and business in California having our cheaper living cost in Georgia allows me to do all these things and we are able to maintain our household income. Frank made me realized how truly blessed I am that I don’t have to work a 9-5 and I can work on my dreams fulltime. I’m grateful! Plus, I have changed the way I pray to the Lord. I pray in the future instead of how I used to pray. I pray as if it has already been done, and I end with the pray by saying if it's your will in Jesus' name Amen! Trust me, this work. This week alone, my prayers have come true not only for me but also for others. Stay positive, stay healthy, ya'll! Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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