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How's Life Been For You?

This is the question that everyone has everyone. What have you been up to these days? Since being in quarantine, things for our family is quite different. I stated in a post early, trying to adjust with the first couple of weeks being in quarantine with everyone. Now that time has passed, things are coming together. Being a teacher isn’t so bad now, but I still wouldn’t be able to do it on a regular basis. Having a be a teacher to our children now has taught me a lot about myself. My patience is low when it comes to helping them all day long with their work. Thank God for Frank, who steps in and helps out. Also, that we were going to homeschool our eldest and realized, nope, we can’t do that. Lastly, teachers don’t get paid enough for the job they are doing. I now see what the teachers are talking about when it comes to our kids. I will never again question the teachers, lol.

Being in the house has taught me to love my home. I didn’t really appreciate the house when we moved in. It was definitely hard to adjust to everything and not being close to friends and family. Now, having to be in the house now has helped me realize how blessed we truly are in this house. I’m falling in love with my home, and now I’m torn between moving back to Los Angeles or staying here. I know that I can still travel back and forth to see my friends and family. Also, to go back and help my business partners out with our business. Choices, choices, so many options. I will let you know once we figure out after we go to Los Angeles for the summer and make our final decision.

We have been having some fun with the kids and doing some bake-offs. Frank and I have had cook-offs, and having the boys be our judges. We made panna cotta, and the boys loved the way mines taste but loved the way Frank looked. I made a bourbon vanilla bean panna cotta with a caramel drizzle. Frank made a poached pear vanilla panna cotta.

This weekend, we will be making souffles, and our judges will let us know who won once again. I will be making a strawberry souffle, and Frank will make a vanilla bean souffle. Keeping my fingers crossed, I win! Unfortunately, Frank won this round. Now we are tied 1-1. We have to make another dish to break this tie. I have also been trying to make a lot of at homemade foods and drinks. I made my own caramel, and now in our coworking space, I can make our own signature one. Next will be chocolate. I have made a crab melt, trying different coffees, and using other coffee makers. Frank, too had tried making some new foods like biscuits, trying to make chicken differently, and cakes. It has been fun and spruces up our relationship.

I have also been on this losing weight kick. I have been in a serious battle with my weight since I had Six. I would start working out and losing weight and then will start. This time I’m tired of being tired. It’s time to lose the weight for good. I’m about to be 40 in nine months, so I have to get it together for the better. Frank has been helping me and pushing me to stay on track, and I’m grateful for him.

I have also been dappling in some of my other visions and dreams. I have been trying to figure out how I was going to work on my documentary being in quarantine and social distancing. So, Frank has some coworkers that stated they would like to be a part of my film. One day they came over with their children to have a cooking day with us after they left. It got me to thinking. The ladies that came over were talking about being moms and how hard it is sometimes. How we need a break at times and reset. I started thinking about our conversation and text them to see if they would come over to the house and film them on my couch. I said Frank could watch the kids play outside while we film. They said yes. I did some research on how to film with an iPhone, what additional products I needed, and filming software/app. I went on Amazon bought the rig and microphone for my phone. I purchased the app software, and I was ready to shoot. The ladies came over, and the filming started. I was so excited to be getting out of my comfort zone and taking charge of this project. I was able to film three ladies from just my iPhone, and the picture quality is fantastic.

Then I was looking at my favorite show on television and saw they used Zoom to film the whole show. This got me thinking that I could do some of my interviews on Zoom to show what’s going on in real-time. I have done two interviews on Zoom and have two more to go. I have definitely made some progress in my film and excited about what’s in store. Next, I tried editing. I now see why people charge so much. It’s very tedious work and worth the pay. Well, I edited my own promo for my film. The transition was good, except for one part, but I’m happy I tried something new. So now I have shot some parts of my documentary and edits some promos for it.

This quarantine has taught me that I can move forward no matter what’s going on in the world. I have my moments that I have a mental breakdown, but I video chat my therapist and get back on track. I’m blessed and lucky to have the life I have, it’s not easy, but I keep trying and trying. We all have to keep trying, no matter what. It’s ok to take some time to ourselves and get back together as moms and as people. Just don’t stop trying! WE ALL GOT THIS AND OUR IN THIS TOGETHER!!! Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!

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