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Quarantine Chronicles

Since the declaration of the pandemic and cities has declared a stay at home law for everyone, things have changed the way of life for a lot of people. Social Distancing is what we call it. Some people have been able to work from home while getting paid and others haven’t been so lucky, they have lost their jobs. People are getting sick everywhere, some are serious, and some are not so. The problem is that people are scared of the unknown; they are out buying toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and food. Yes, I understand we will be on lockdown for a while, but the stores still open, and with all of the food and other things being completed gone all time, it makes it hard for the stores to restock quick enough for people who actually need the basic essentials. The seniors or people who don’t have family/ friends to go out and buy for them, suffer for the people that are scared and buying up all the products in the stores. People need a positive word to help them get through. People need to feel secure about their future, family, business, and livelihood.

On the upside, this does make people love more, be kind to strangers, spend some family time, and take time on things they put off. This is the time to rise and do that business, do that podcast, spend more time with family/ friends, start writing that book, and so much more. My son has been out for a week and has already had a quiz for school. Unlike some schools, his school was prepared for the kids to be out and started having the kids take classes online. This is excellent, and it allows the kids to be able to keep up with their studies and stay on top of things. Since we have no clue when the kids are able to go back to school, this positively helps them. Also, my son has been on his Top Chef for breakfast, which is excellent. This allows him an outlet and teaches him how to prepare his meals when we don’t feel like cooking breakfast. Life skills and lessons that can be taught at home are excellent, for when the kids grow up to be grown-ups.

For me, it hasn’t been so bad, because I’m already a stay at home mom. I stay at home all of the time, but now having to be told to stay in my house is a little different feeling. I know this is important because it helps us stay healthy, numbers of people catching the virus low, and quicker to getting back to life. We do what we have to do to stay safe. This, too, shall pass. The quarantine has made me realize about certain things that I have put off for a while now and had me focus back on track. Even though I have the coworking space, there are other things I want to do as well, and currently that the space is closed due to the virus, I can focus on the other stuff. This is not all bad, and it will be okay as long as we try to keep a positive outlook. Pray to whoever it is you pray to, be kind to others, help those in need, enjoy the time with family, focus on other talents you have, and stay positive and hopeful about all the news. As a matter of fact, stop looking at the negative things you see and hear in the news; that doesn’t mean not to stay abreast of what’s going on. Don’t focus and spend your day focus on that. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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