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The Future Is Us (Women)

We have been hearing and saying this phrase for a long time now. I couldn’t agree with this more this year than ever. Women have been setting standards, running companies, running homes, and more since the beginning of time. We haven’t gotten the credit we deserve, and it has been a long time coming. It does not mean that we have made it, we still have a way to go and obstacles to overcome, but women are not taking no for an answer anymore. We are making our own way and taking no prisoners. This past weekend was a prime example of that for me. I have been working on opening up a coworking space for about a year now. One obstacle was trying to look for a building to buy; the money was enough in California to own a structure of the size I wanted. I then decided I should maybe find a place to rent, but then again, renting the amount of space I wanted would be still too much money for me. I talked to my friend about what I was trying to accomplish. She would give me ideas on how to raise the money or send me places to rent. I felt so discouraged because my number one obstacle, like so many other entrepreneurs, is finance. The money to start and try to stay afloat was my number one hurdle for me. The ideas were always flowing in my head, and I tried not to let the money discouraged me. I would talk to my friend every week, and she would give me ways to make my dreams a reality. She, too, is an entrepreneur herself and had her ideas of what she needed a space for.

One weekend visiting California for the New Year’s holiday, she told me about a space, and I was excited to go and look at it. I met her and the owner at the space and looked around. My first thought was, what the hell is this? I saw all the drawings on the wall, the floors not done, the back of the space messy, and so many other negatives came to mind. I thought umm I don’t know about this, and my facial expression said it all. She told me it was a good deal for the monthly rent, and we could use our imagination and make the space our own. I thought in the back of my mind maybe we could, but I wasn’t sure it could happen. The next day she calls me and says, the owner likes and wants us to have the space. He even cut the rent down to get us in because he like our vision for what we wanted to use the space for. She told me this was a sign because after looking at the space, she said she would ask him to lower the rent due to us having to put some much work into fixing up the space. She never pushed sent on the text that night and woke up early the next morning to a text from him, saying the exact words. I prayed the morning of and asked God to give me a sign, and He did. I was all in after that.

Our dreams of having a space were coming true. We have two other partners, and we have been making things happened. People can be negative at times when it’s four women, or should I say four African American women that are in business. We are breaking the odds by coming together with one common goal in mind, being an asset to our community of women. I wouldn’t trade these four ladies for anyone. We each have our parts in the business, and it works out perfectly. We come together as one cohesive force. We each bring something different to the table, and that’s why we work. We have the coworking part, health/ wellness, business help, retail store, and a small coffee bar. We signed the lease on the space in January, and in March, we celebrate our opening for International Women’s Day, and the support was tremendous. We still have some cosmetics and furnishing to do, but we are on schedule to be fully furnished and operating in the summer. For any women out there hoping to start a business and are running into obstacles know the universe/ God puts people in your life for a reason and don’t give up your dreams, work like hell in achieving them, it will all pay off in the end. I’m a true believer in that. To all the women around the world, the future is US!!!! Until till Next Time!!

Talk to You Soon!

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