• Alvi

Starting With A Bang!!

This year has started very interestingly, to say the least. I saged my house New Year’s Eve of any negativity and wanted to cleanse my home with love, happiness, prosperity, and more. I prayed to God that everything in mine and my family’s life work out in His will. Boy, when I tell you, He came through a week later. I know my prayer has power, but this prayer’s power came in such a way that I didn’t imagine it will happen. My boyfriend is home more now due to some things at work, and my son is amazing in his behavior, my partners and I will have our first business adventure come to life. This year in the week and a half has been full of ups and downs. He answered my prayer just how it needed to be! For that, I’m forever blessed. This year has brought about a massive change for my family, but I’m grateful for what’s to come in the coming months.

As long as we keep our happy thoughts, not let negativity get us down, and keep our eye on the bigger picture for this year, we will be just fine. This may be a short post, but I honestly wanted to share our story for anyone who may have gone through some unexpected things this year. I want to encourage someone, that just because the beginning of the year does not look how you expected, that does not mean the rest of the year has gone to Shit! Stay focus on the positives in your life and move forward with that. Enjoy the setbacks and curveballs; they make us stronger in the end. You got this!! Now go and make some Shit happen this year!! Until Next Time!!!

Talk To You Soon!

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