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Closing of the Year: New Start!!

This year has been filled with ups and downs, and it taught me a lot about myself. How being a stay at home mother isn't as easy as I thought it was, how there is no perfect family dynamic, how patience is vital in all situations, how things happen for a reason, and how to be happy and grateful for the little things in life. I have realized for the past three months that if you want change, it has to first start with you. You can't always react to people and their stupidity; you have to let them be and move on. Not everyone wants the best for you and for the people who do, stick with them, and love them. You have to let other's fight their battles, or they bring you down as well. Life is full of lessons, and to learn from them, you have to do better. This year has allowed me to love who loves me and surround myself with people who want to see me win. I have lost a few people in this journey, but that's God's way of showing me who's who in my life.

I have healthy children, a man, family, and friends. As we celebrate the holidays this year, we all gave thanks for each other. The kids enjoyed Thanksgiving with us at home and had a wonderful time at Frank's coworker's house. Christmas was spent in Los Angeles with our family, and it was terrific. The boys were happy with the gifts we bought them, and our family was delighted to see how the kids have grown. Frank had to go back to Georgia for work, and I stayed back for a few more days. Six and Caleb were staying with my dad so frank, and I can have some adult time and bring in the New Year together. I was afraid Six wasn't going to be ok with me leaving him, since he doesn't see his grandfather a lot, but he did well. I left on Sunday and for the week frank, and I had some alone time. We needed this time without the kids and to get some US time, and we did. It was amazing! We hung out after Frank was off of work, and while he was at work, I cleaned and cleansed the house with Sage, write my last first blog of the year, working on my new business and just had some lazy time. It has been a good time at home, but now it's time to go back and get our children and bring them home. I'm intentionally ready for everything I have prayed for and will live my life with specific intentions, and you should do the same. Welcome to 2020 and have a Blessed One!!! Until Next Time!!

See You Soon!!!

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