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Do We Always Have It Together As A Mother?

Do we all have it together? Let me answer that for me, Hell No!! As a mother some days, I’m on top of things, and other days I feel like I’m failing, and I’m a wreck. I have talked to other mothers, and they said it normal to feel that way. I think a lot of mothers feel the same way, but most try to keep it together and don’t talk about it. I think the reason why we don’t talk about certain things as mother’s because we don’t want to fell judge by other mothers. I know for me; I’m just now feeling ok to open up about certain situations to get advice from other mothers. I’m glad I have opened up because of the judgment I thought I would face for the most part I’m not suffering. There are a few people that I don’t like opening up to, because there is an underlying judgment, so I have not to talk to those women. I recently had a meeting for my upcoming documentary that is about moms, and just listening to those ladies’ stories, it has genuinely been motivating for me. The stories that were shared allowed me to feel ok with being a wreck at times and just finding the balance to handle everything. In an interview with the Duchess of Sussex, the interviewer asked her about being a mother, and she opened up honestly. I was surprised because, at the moment, she was just a mother who was having a hard time, and she was very candid about how she was feeling. At that moment, I know all of the mothers could relate to what she was feeling as a new mother and connected with her on a real level. The honesty was much appreciated.

As mothers, we need to talk to each other about our feelings, and we will be surprised at how many women are going through the same thing. We each experience different things as mothers, and if we open the conversations up more and listen to one another, we can help each other find solutions to some of the issues we may be experiencing. To my much older moms, maybe stop making younger moms feel bad for some of the choices they make and help them make different ones. Listen to them and give them some constructive advice instead of looking down on them and making them feel bad for their choices. I have been scrolling through my Instagram, and I see more mother sites than ever pop up, and I think it’s incredible. I see more motherly retreats that are specifically for mothers and self-care. Whether you are a stay-at-home or working mom, we can all learn from each other. The unspoken word of the mothers that aren’t doing ok due to postpartum depression, sleep deprivation, feeling inadequate as a mother, and much more is the main reason we need to have one another’s back. If you see a mother that is struggling, pick her up and help her, and just doing that can ease some burden, she may be feeling as a mother. We have to lend a helping hand and make this motherhood a better one for all of us, and in return, it makes our household much brighter. Until Next Time!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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