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What's Your Destiny?

Can we do it all? This is the question that I have been asking myself lately. As a little girl, I had big dreams, and as I got older, the ideas were still big, but plans change. That’s life! It changes on you without a moment notice. I am now 38 years old, and I’m finally walking in my purpose, I feel. Some people figure things out as a child and stick with that. My daughter is one of those people. She always has been into fashion, and now that she’s 21 years old, she is following that career path and excited for what’s to come in her life. I’m so proud of her. I wanted to be in entertainment for the longest, singing, acting, so forth. When I got into high school, I realized I couldn’t sing, and well acting wasn’t all that interesting to me. I decided I would be an entertainment lawyer instead. I had my whole plan mapped out for me. I would go to Berkley for undergrad and go to a prestige law school, but that dream got derailed when I became pregnant at 16. See how life changes at a moment. I can also remember in high school my English teacher saying to my dad she thought I would be a great writer someday. Well, hell who would have thought that after all these years, I become a writer.

I mean I dabbled in the thoughts of creating an entertainment magazine when I was 19 or 20, but never completed it. Then I did try to write a book in my early twenties, but I didn’t achieve that either. I have had odd jobs while in school getting my degree’s and even that wasn’t something, I was passionate about. Now looking back, I realized I went to school and got all those degrees to please my family. They are big on titles and degrees. Sometimes I feel like I wasted $200,000.00 in loans because I never ended up getting a job in business. Now do not get me wrong, I think education is essential if you’re going for a purpose, but do not waste money if you don’t know. My daughter is in school, and she knows her purpose and uses it every day. My degrees aren’t all to waste, because I have help people start businesses, but most information I learned from trial an error. It’s a catch 22 for me If you think about it.

Fast Forward in my thirties, I wrote my first published book. I’m a published author now! It was a fantastic feeling for me to complete something that big. I light blink on for me. Is this my passion? I have done several odd things throughout my life, but this has sparked a flame in me. I wanted my writing to help other women out in life, and I’m a big advocate of that and teen moms. I knew I wanted to write another book but had several ideas and was not sure what to write about next. I took some time to think about, and I started second-guessing myself on if I was just a one-time author and did, I have what it takes, but as we know it, everything happens in divine order in life. You can’t rush time, and I’m still to this day learning that. I got pregnant a couple of years later with my son, and we moved to Georgia with our kids. It has indeed been an adjustment, but it had sparked that created feeling in me when I wrote my first book. I started my blog when I found out I was pregnant with my son and had been doing this ever since we moved to Georgia. The blog first was about my pregnancy, then about being having my son, and now it has evolved into my family life. It’s incredible how when you first start off doing something and then it evolves into something bigger than you can ever imagine.

My blog has genuinely given me the creating juices of my next couple of books and film projects that I will be completing this year and presenting early next year. I have resisted being in Georgia since the second month moving here, but now with a lot of prayers, I have come to realize this was a move from God to help me find my voice and start to do what I genuinely love. I thank him every day for this, and I can’t wait to share more of my talents with the world. This is an exciting and nervous feeling, but I’m ready to walk in my destiny. For all the moms who have self-doubt or doubts from others, you can step into your future. It may take longer, but hey, I rather do a marathon than a sprint any day. Sometimes it seems hard, and you may want to give up, but don’t. I’m taking it one day at a time, and now everything I speak into the universe will come to past. To answer my question, I feel you can have it all when you put good energy into the world. I will keep you all posted on this journey. Until next time!

Talk to You Soon!!

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