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Baby Frank Is Officially A One Year Old

I can’t believe a year has passed already. It was just yesterday; I was in labor cussing out the nurses and doctors to give me my epidural to make me feel better. He came out 5lbs and 6oz., who would have thought a little person like that was causing all that ruckus in my stomach at the time. All in all, we are truly blessed to have had Baby Frank. It has been a delight to see him grow this past year while being at home. This was a gift from God that I will cherish for life. My other two children, I went back to work and school right away, so I never really experienced the true one on one with them, as I have with Baby Frank. It has been a blessing, but in the same token, it has also been a great challenge. The fact that we moved to another state with no friends or family has been a real obstacle for me. Not to mention that we have my son and his two sons’ as well. Having a house full of male testosterone has been many challenges for me, but I have made it my goal to take it one day at a time.

As time has gone by, I can say it’s starting to get more comfortable, I have a routine, and the kids are getting used to it. We still have a lot of hiccups, but hey it’s only been a year. Things won’t magically happen overnight. It takes time, patience, and love to get through the rough times. If I can give any mom advice in a blended family is to be patient with the kids, your partner, and the household as a whole. It will eventually all come together for the greater good. Communicate with your partner, and you both will see the other side. Stay positive!!! I can’t stress that enough. It will be fine ladies!!

Getting back to Baby Frank, I have been able to be present at every moment, from him sitting up, feeding himself, crawling, walking in his walker, his different personalities/changes, and much more. Ever since he started to crawl, he has been all over the place. He’s now trying to walk and once he gets that down pat, I will be in significant trouble. His father has already taught him how to get out of the bed. Crawl up and down the stairs, and get off the couch. I have to lock him up if I’m doing something or he will be upstairs or crawling all over the house. When he is in his walker, he is still unstoppable. He is running over my feet in the kitchen while I’m cooking or washing dishes. He is a very adventurous baby, and I know when he gets bigger, we are going to be in trouble. He doesn’t take a lot of naps anymore, so he is up with all that energy. Sometimes it can be a challenge to get my writing down when it’s just us two. Frank is working a lot, but when he’s home, he gives me my space, takes the kids and let me do my work. It’s all about a system, and I’m very grateful to him as my partner.

Planning his birthday has been fun. I have gone back and forth with myself if we should even do anything since he is only one and won’t remember a thing. After thinking about it, we are giving him a small party at John Incredibles in Los Angeles on his actual birthday. We will have close friends and family to celebrate this year journey with us. I’m excited, and his dad is too, his brothers and sister are excited, hell everyone we know is excited about this party. I have bought a monkey themed cake to go with the Zoo animal book I have written for him and will be published at the end of the year. He won’t remember everyone who came out to celebrate him, but we have the pictures to show him when he gets older. As Baby Frank gets bigger, we will eventually put him into daycare, but for now, it’s mommy daycare. Happy One Year Birthday Son, it has indeed been my honor to be able to be at home and spend this time with you!!! I Love You!! Until Next Time!!

Talk to You Soon!!

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