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The Boys Are Back In School

The boys are all now back in school, and I'm kind of happy about that. It has been a great summer for us all, but it's time to get back to business. The boys are all in middle school, and all three of them love their school. They each have picked different electives that interest them, one is making music, the other is doing media, and the other is theatre. I'm so proud and happy they are active in school this year. This year is going to be great for them because they have now got used to the different school system from California.

School shopping though was a bit of a hassle. Going shopping for three boys can be a bit of a challenge. Frank took the oldest Isaiah shopping for his clothes, and I took Caleb and Micah to get their school uniforms. That was the easy part, but to split them up that way. Isaiah goes to a different school than Micah and Caleb. The hard part was when I had to take them all shopping for shoes and school supplies. You would think I have never done this before, but my kids always wore uniforms, so it made it much easier to go shopping. When my daughter Tamir was in high school, I gave her money, and she bought her clothes. It was much easier back then lol. Trying to go shopping with three boys who have no idea what to get was tiring as hell. I thought it would be a piece of cake, but the joke was on me. Caleb and Micah could only wear all black shoes, and Isaiah had no particular color. The hardest was Isaiah because he wanted to get every color shoe but a neutral color that matches all his outfits in his closet. After three hours in the mall, Caleb and Micah just picked some all black shoes and was ready to go. Isaiah still had a little push back, but we finally agreed on some Vans at the last store. Next was school supplies, now that was just an hour. Going through all the boy's school supplies list was long and crazy, but we made it through the school shopping craze. This is going to be a great upcoming year. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!

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