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Our Vacation Without The Kids: Getting Back To US

Our first vacation out of the country without the kids, and it was awesome. We decided to book a trip to Jamaica with Franks family and some friends. At first I did not know if baby Frank would be able to be away from us for a long period of time. He doesn’t like to go with anyone, but us. We needed this vacation for us to spend some quality time and get a little us time alone without the kids. A week before our vacation I dropped the boys off with my dad and stayed a few days to help him out. I bought box diapers, box wipes, and plenty of baby food. When we first arrived at my dads, baby Frank cried a time from time. As the days went on he became comfortable with dad and on the last day I left, baby Frank did not cry when I left and I was pleased. As soon as a got back home I started missing Frank. I thought it would be at least 2 or 3 days, but nope it didn’t last that long. My dad doesn’t have internet so I can’t FaceTime the boys on my sons iPad. I know we need some adult time, but we both miss our little boy. Happy news my dad decided to get internet so my son can do his summer homework. That made me happy as hell, now I can see my baby. I checked on him everyday since the

The first day of our vacation begins. We left for Fort. Lauderdale in the morning to stay over for a day before we go to Jamaica. We rented a car drove to do some shopping and went over to Miami for a couple of hours. We had a ball, just us and getting to spend some much-needed quality time together. We returned to the hotel in Fort Lauderdale after being in Miami for the day and got some sleep. We had to wake up early for our morning flight. Got on the plane and we were on our way to Jamaica to start partying. Once we flew into Jamaica, we waited for Frank’s brothers and their girlfriends to arrive. We all came in around the same time, so I was perfect. We waited in the lounge for our shuttle and started drinking and getting our vacation started. Once we arrived at the hotel, we checked in, had some more drinks, and waited for everyone else to come.

The next couple of days were amazing. We were in the pool, and that’s big for me since I cannot swim, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. We did some excursions around the island, met some locals, went to some restaurants, and went shopping. The trip in itself was an eye opener for our relationship. Frank and I met a couple married for 30 years, and they indeed dropped some relationship jewels on us. We both had moments of AHH!! I felt it brought us much closer, and we came to some closure on a lot of the issues we had. This vacation helped us get over our hump.

Now that we are back home, I’m reminiscing about all the good times and good people we met. I’m glad we were able to go on this trip and cannot wait for the next one. Now we have to get ready for Frank’s family reunion next week with everyone. Ladies if you can go on a trip with your spouse and leave the kids at home, I say do it. At the end of the day, after the children leave, it will be you and your spouse. As the couple told us, continue to date one another, communicate, have fun, and love each other no matter what comes up. Until Next Time!! Enjoy your summer vacations and enjoy one another!

Talk To You Soon!!

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