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Our Bodies, Our Decision, Not Yours!!

This past week has been a lot of talk about women's rights and how it's under attack right now. I wanted to keep this blog political free, but unfortunately, this is a severe issue to write about. Women need to feel free to talk about what's been going on this week. The state of Alabama voted to ban abortions in the state even if someone gets raped or is subject to incest. I think this is absurd and ridiculous. How are men deciding about a women's reproductive system in the first place? Reading through a ton of articles about this ban and how Georgia and Missouri are on the abortion bandwagon as well, is sickening. This has just set us back 50 years. All that women have accomplished over the years, and now we have to fight for pro-choice. It's our bodies, and no law should tell us what we should do with it. A woman that gets raped will be persecuted for having an abortion. What kind of hell is this, I wouldn't want to keep a baby from a rape. That would remind me of what happened over and over again. Now some women choose to keep their babies, and that's their choice, but for the ones who don't want to, they can be persecuted for doing so. What about the ones who don't, and the long term effects it can have for the baby not only the woman. Think about this, a woman has a baby by rape and can't get an abortion; she carries the baby for nine months then realizes she can't be a mom to this baby and gives him/her up for adoption. The baby is now in the foster care system and adopted into a not so pleasant family. Now the baby is growing up with some emotional issues and ends up having more problems going into adulthood. Now the adult is walking around with serious issues, all because a women's right to choose was taken away by people who aren't going to deal with the long term issues this can cause.

This law is going to make women get abortions in other countries or from backdoor doctors, which can lead to more women hurt. I don't know what these people that are making these laws doing. We have serious problems going on in this country, and abortion shouldn't be on top of the list. Men who commit rape should be castrated for their crimes, but hey they get a slap on the wrist. This country is backward as hell. I was in an abused relationship, and I got pregnant, I had an abortion. I didn't want to be connected to that person at all, and if there were a ban at that time, I would have to be connected to that monster for life. This isn't just my story; this is 1,000 of women stories.

I'm tired of these politicians blaming women for the horrible things that happen to them and give the man a pass. What kind of world do we live in, that the rape victim is to blame and the rapist is the victim? We have to do better for our future generation. What are we saying to future lawmakers or future children? This ban is such poor judgment and the only people who suffer are women. This isn't going to stop women from having kids; it just means we are going to have reports of number issues that can follow from this ban. How can another man or a law tell me what to do with my body? I live in this body 24 hours, seven days a week and I don't see any politicians helping me take of my body, so don't tell me what to do with it. Please, and Thank You! I can talk about this issue for hours, but I will stop right here. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!

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