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Baby Frank Trip Back To Cali

On the weekend of Easter, I had a meeting to go to in California on Monday. I was already going to California the week after next for my women’s conference on that Thursday. I had to decide what to do. Was I going to go to Cali for just my meeting on Monday that was important and miss my women’s meeting Thursday night or try again to go the next months meeting? Frank told me to go both weekends because it was important to me to make sure I’m setting up the resources for my next business adventure. I knew Frank would have the kids both weekends, but I decided to take baby Frank the weekend of Easter. I didn’t want to miss his first Easter, and I already bought his outfit months ago. So the decision was made baby Frank was coming with me to Cali for the four days. Man O Man I was not ready for that. When at home we are in our little world, and we go out from time to time and every time we travel on the plane Frank is with me. He helps me breakdown the stroller and car seat while we go through TSA. I was nervous and anxious leading up to the day. I talked to Frank and told him he would be going through TSA with the baby and me to help breakdown the stroller for me. We got up 3 am, and we headed to the airport. Once we got through the TSA, he stayed with us until we got on the plane. I wasn’t able to get baby Frank a seat, so he sat in my lap. I wasn’t sure how he was going to act, because usually, he sits in his car seat on the plane, but he did so good and was sleep the whole trip. Then Franks friend met us at the gate and set up the stroller and car seat for us. My friend picked us up and took us to get my rental car. I thought this day is going to be a breeze.

I took baby Frank to his grandmother's house on his dad side, so I could get my hair done. After getting my hair done, I went to pick him up, and his cousin said he was crying the whole time. This was only the beginning of how our trip was going to go. We then went to visit my cousin, and baby Frank wouldn’t go to her, he cried every time she tried to hold him. I thought maybe he was sleepy from the flight, but nope he wanted me to hold him and no one else. Later that night we finally arrived at my father's house, and when he went to take him, he cried and cried. I told myself this is going to be a long trip. The next day, we woke up. I fed Frank and bathed him. He was fine until I decided to go to Old Navy for a little while. An hour passed and my father called to ask me when was I coming back because Frank has been crying the whole time. I started to understand that he doesn’t know anybody in Cali and all he knows is me, his dad, and our boys. I told his dad what has been going on and said I guess I have to bring him out to Cali more. I came back home, and we visited a lot of families on Saturday, and every time they wanted to hold him, he cried until I got him.

Easter Sunday came around, and the same thing happened all day we were around family. The only time he was ok was when he was around his dad's brother that resembles his dad, and he did not cry. He was OK. Monday I had my meeting for two hours, and I had to leave him with my dad. I called my dad when I got out, and he said he was fine and Frank has been sleeping. I was happy that he was finally started to get used to my dad. I came back home, and we made our last trips to see the family and still didn’t want to go to anyone, but me. I had to return my car that evening, and we weren’t leaving until Tuesday morning. I decided since his father wasn’t with us to help breakdown the car seat and the stroller, I would buy a carrier to help me through TSA. I went to Target and checked out all the reviews and purchased the baby carrier that best would suit me anti did just that. It was stable and easy to carry Frank in. That was genius. My cousin picked us up on Tuesday morning to take us to the airport.

I checked all our bags, car seat, and stroller at the bottom ticket counter. I strapped on that carrier and going through TSA was a breeze for me. I had free hands to maneuver and do things. Once we passed TSA and got to our gate, I fed Frank and waited for standby for our flight. We weren’t able to get on the first flight, but the second one we got on with a connection through Houston. He slept the whole ride again, and once we got to Houston, he was up the entire two hours waiting for our next and final flight home. As soon as we boarded on the plane, he went straight to sleep. I was happy because I was able to get a little nap in myself. We landed, and Atlanta and Frank had already picked up our belongings and put them in the car. It was a long trip back home, but I was happy to be home finally. This whole weekend was an adventure with baby Frank, and that carrier I bought came in handy. So from now on if I fly with his dad, I will be using the carrier for baby Frank. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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