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What's Self-Care To You?

What is self-care to you as a mother? Self-care can be defined in many ways, relaxing walk on a beach, getting your hair done, getting a massage, taking a vacation away from the house, or other things. It all depends upon what that meaning is for you. Not everyone has the same definition of self-care. I asked my boyfriend the same question he said having a couple of hours to himself. For some, it can be just that simple, and for others, it may be something much more profound. Whatever your self-care is, it’s essential to do this often. Most mother’s do not have a self because, they are thinking about everyone else, but themselves. We as mothers tend to take care of the kids, the home, our partners, and other things. We put ourselves at the end of the list, and that can sometimes make us feel overwhelmed and tired at times. Not taking some time out for some self-care for ourselves, can lead to a not so happy life. It can lead to depression and not knowing the signs of what your feeling can result in a long and deep problem. I know too many women who do not take some type of self care for themselves and are suffering in silence and after have this talk with some of them, they are now getting the help that's needed to get better for themselves and their families.

I’m speaking from experience, I was overwhelmed, tired, irritable, and just not happy at all. It was a lot for me being a stay-at-home mom, dealing with moving to another state with no family to help, no friends, and the list can go on. I talked to my boyfriend and explained my frustrations; he somewhat understood how I felt, but not to the exact. He told me I could go to California to visit and I took full advantage of that a couple of months ago. When I went to visit it was very relaxing, and when I got back, it was doing much better. The next month was my birthday, and I visited for two days because we were dropping the kids off for a week. That was a good breather, to be us not the kids the for a week. The next month I still wasn’t feeling like myself, and I took steps to start to speak with a therapist. The first visit, I think I overwhelmed her with all my issues, but she was very helpful. I went to her two more times, and she gave me different ways to destress myself. Like taking some time to myself away from the house for a few hours. My next California visit came, and this trip was amazing, I allowed myself to have fun and let go. I was also able to get some business done for my blog and other projects I have going on. That’s just what the doctor ordered. When I got back home, I was 100% relaxed and rejuvenated, and ready to get back into the swing of things at home.

Self-care is very critical to help you balance everything in your life you have going on. Taking some time away from home life, whether it’s an hour or a girls trip will help you as a mom to rejuvenate and get back to rocking like a mother. You have to think about yourself, or you will be no good to anyone tired, cranky, and unhappy. I will continue to go to the therapist for as long as I need too. I will also keep my California trip every month for a weekend to relax. Remember as mother’s we deserve a break too, we do a lot for the family and need our time to do some self-care, whatever that is to you. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!

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