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New Workout Reboot

I have not done a lot of working out since my last post a couple of months ago. It has been such a struggle for me to get up and lose the weight I complain about every day. I look at other mom’s who just had baby’s and see their bounce back and ask myself why can’t that be me. Well, it can’t be me, because I don’t work out at all. I bought a waister trainer that I used to wear faithfully every day, but now I barely wear to use it. The only sweating I get in is when I’m cleaning up the house. This is bad, I see myself gaining weight day by day, and I complain day by day. The motivation is not there for me at all. After taking care of my six-month-old all day, cooking, cleaning, and dealing with the bigger boys, I don’t want to do anything but sleep. I was doing some exercises in the morning at home, but that lasted only two weeks. The weather outside is fluctuating so taking my baby on a walk around the community can sometimes be too cold, or I think I make too many excuses, not to workout. I was going to join the loose weight and get money challenge at the beginning of the year, but I would have to commit to going, and of course, my boyfriend works all day so that would not have been able to happen. I started taking the lazy alternative and buying diet pills and the coffee skinny diet drink, and that didn’t work of course.

I can remember after my son Caleb it took me a while to get back in the groove, but when I did, I stopped drinking and eating anything that contained sugar, no carbs, and workout every day in the morning before work and sometimes after work. I was on a mission back then to lose all that weight, and I reached my goal. I have gotten to the point now that summer is coming around the corner and I want to look cute, but I also want to be healthy. I used to use Herbalife before I was pregnant and it worked. I decided to go back on the shakes and start to juice. It is time I take some action and accountability in my weight loss and stop complaining about the fat and do something about it. My boyfriend just recently bought us the Peloton Cycle Bike, and the first ride was very hard, the seat is small and hurt my butt. I was telling my friend how hard the seat was and she suggested I buy a seat cushion.

I went on and bought one for a reasonable price of $8.00, and you can’t beat that. My next ride was great, and the seat cushion felt terrific. I love the Peloton, you can do cycle classes live, other fitness in your workout, and they offer yoga. The bike itself is a little pricey, but to me it is a great investment. It works for me, I can workout at home while my son is asleep or playing in his playpen. It's convenient for the stay at home mom who can't find a sitter while she works out. This time around for working out is going to be much better than my last one. This time I’m determined to take the necessary steps to lose this weight and keep it off for good. I have to stay on the right path and with my boyfriend helping me, I know I will get to my goal weight. Until Next Time!! I will keep you all posted on my weight loss journey.

To You Soon!!

Bike Seat Cushion Covered by Yosuda

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