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Baby Frank Turns Six Months Old

Baby Frank is already six months old, and I can not believe how fast time has gone by. I was sitting here as I typed this blog post and reminisced on when he was first born. He was only 5 lbs. when he was born, now he is 14 lbs., and growing. I couldn’t imagine the life I have now as being a stay-at-home mom. I’m able to see every little change he has made over the past six months, and with my other two, I didn’t get to experience those things. I was at school finishing my high school diploma, or when Caleb came, I was at work and school. This has been the most precious moments to experience for me, and I appreciate my boyfriend for letting me be in this position. Baby Frank (aka Six) has been rolling over every chance he gets. I can’t leave him for too long on the bed or the couch, because he will roll over and fall off the bed or the sofa. Baby Frank has done this twice, once at my house and once at my dads' house. He is a very busy kid at times. Now I put him in his playpen if I know I have something to do because at least Frank is in a protected area. When I put him in his chair, he can get a little rowdy when he wants to get out. When he starts to crawl and walk, I know he is going to be a handful, and I will have to observe him. Even though this is not my first rodeo, this is the first time I’m with my child all day long, and it’s wonderful. He has been baby babbling and trying to talk, it’s quite funny, because I know he’s going off on us when he wants what he wants. I even think I heard him say “hi” and “dada.” I would love for him to say "mama," but I know babies tend to speak that word later on in their stage. I can’t wait until the next six months and how he is going to transform even more and I can say that I will be there for the entire growth for the months to come. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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