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Having Fun Cooking Togther

A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were doing some cooking. He did the dinner and I did the dessert. We make jokes that he does the cooking for dinner and I do the baking because I don’t put enough seasoning to his liking. I’m a season type of women and in some foods, I can deal without, but of course, he loves seasoned food. I guess I’m the only one in the house that doesn’t like seasoned food as much. Now I will eat his cooking because it is very delicious and every way possible. I try to do my thang in the kitchen, but sometimes it’s a hit and a miss. Frank got off of work early and decided to cook some stew for dinner and I wanted to bake some homemade sugar cookies. He was preparing his food and I was preparing my food. We were laughing, talking, and just having a good time together. My son captured the moment and it was such a beautiful picture. It made me think, if we did more things like this, it makes for a happy time in our relationship. Having fun moments and doing things like cooking together keeps the relationship fun and healthy. As a couple, you always want to find new things you can do with your mate to keep that spark alive. This was one of our new moments, plus it shows the kids how to have fun with your mate and they loved the food. This made me think of the wine bar I want to eventually open up down the road. The kids said he can do the cooking, I can do the baking, and since I love wine it would be nice to have. We both laughed because it was the concept I had, just not with the baking part, but we can include that as well. I can’t wait until we have more moments like this. Until Next Time Folks!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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