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Frank Is Sitting Up and Rolling Over

This week has been a very interesting week for the family. Baby Frank has just taken over things. A few weeks ago we started him on solid baby foods and he is now starting to get the hang of eating the spoon, but still likes to take his food with the bottle. He has started to get the concept of rolling over now and does it constantly. His dad and I were in the bed when he first rolled over and we were such excited parents as any parent would be. Then later that night his dad caught the act on video. He was on the living floor on his blanket and rolled over, lifted up his head and smiled as if he knew he did a good job. It was one of those I’m proud of myself moments. Now he knows how to roll over he won’t stop rolling over. He rolls all over the house. I laid him down on the bed to get him ready for a bath and this little boy almost rolled himself off the bed had I not caught him. I forgot with my other two children, once they figure something new out, you have to constantly monitor them at all times. Another time I was taking a shower and I decided to put him in his car seat in the bathroom with me and I looked away for a second and he had scooted out of his seat. I said, “OMG! What are you doing little baby? “ I didn’t lock him in, because it was never a problem. Now I’m always locking him in his carseat. He is my little busy body and more active than my other two children were when they were his age. He keeps me young I say. It is only a matter of time before he starts to crawl and then starts to walk. Time is going by so fast and I’m loving every moment of this journey. Baby Frank is more active now, so we definitely have to keep an eye on him. He now also has a sitting seat that we put him in and he loves it. Until Next Time!!!

Talk To You Soon

The baby seat for Bay Frank is called a Summer Infant 4-in-1 Super Seat from Walmart.

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