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Baby Frank is Starting to Eat Solid Foods

Baby Frank is now starting to eat cereal and solid baby foods. His dad and I noticed that he was starting to wake up in the middle of the night again and he seemed to be still hungry. We decided to buy cereal to put in his bottle before he goes to bed at night. I went to Walmart to buy the cereal and it was a little overwhelming because the baby food section was a little dinner when I had my other two children. The store had a variety of baby cereal and now they broke them down into support sitter, crawler, and walker. Now if I do remember there was just one type of cereal from Gerber. I did not even notice the different stages until another mom pointed it out for me when I was in the section looking at the cereals. I chose the support sitter oatmeal. Later on that night we fed Frank the cereal in his bottle and he slept like a charm. We did this for several weeks and notice he was very hungry when he woke up so now we should put some cereal in his bottle when he wakes up now. For about a month this worked and then during the day the bottle alone was not enough, so I decided to add two scoops of cereal throughout the day and he was full now.

Baby Frank is now four months old and the cereal and bottle seemed not enough for him. I started to give him an 8oz bottle now because his appetite just keeps growing. We decided maybe we should start to introduce other baby foods to him. I went to Walmart again and went back to the baby food section once again. I was looking to see what would I get first, veggies or fruit. I was looking over the choices and found a baby first food starter pack, that came with bananas, pears, and apples. I decided to start with the bananas first to see how he would like it. I sat Frank down and started to feed him the bananas with the spoon and his reaction was priceless. He looked at if what in the hell are you feeding. I tried to feed him for about 20 minutes with the spoon and he did not take to well with it, so I put the bananas in the bottle and it worked like a charm. We did this until all the baby food ran out. Now I know he is not allergic to any of the three flavors and I can start to feed this to him on a regular basis. I will try the spoon again and wait 30 minutes before I put it in the bottle. Now that I know he likes the other three flavors, I’m going to try to introduce veggies to him. Now that he is eating more foods, I’m so excited and can’t wait for how he develops even more. Until Next Time!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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