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Hair Loss After Giving Birth

Hair loss is very common in women after giving birth, but I have never experienced it until now. When I was pregnant my hair grew a lot and even after I had my son my hair was healthy or at least not falling out. Now every time I comb my hair it just comes out. My brush is just full of my hair. At first, I thought it was maybe I needed my ends cut and my hair wasn’t as healthy as normal because ever since I moved to Georgia I have not gotten my hair done. I washed, blow dried, and flat iron it once and that was for Thanksgiving. My hair is still falling out. I have talked to several mothers and they have had the same problem. This is very new to me because my other two children I did not experience hair loss. It seems I’m experiencing a lot in this 3rd birth I had. I know this might sound vain, but I love my hair and I feel like a piece of me is falling off every time I comb my hair. It feels very thin and not as thick as it was when I pregnant. It so bad there is hair everywhere around my house, my bathrooms, bedroom, living room. The hair is getting ridiculous, but thank god for my girl Shimiko (Instagram/facebook- stylesbymiko) for getting my hair finally together. I came to Los Angeles for the holidays and she did my hair and gave it a treatment. My hair felt much better. My hair has grown since being in Atlanta and that made me feel better about my hair loss. She also told me to start using prenatal pills again and that should help with the hair loss. I was taking them after I had my son, but just ran out a couple of weeks ago and have not refilled them yet. I also was thinking about using Hairfinity pills again to help regrow the hair that I lost over the past couple of months. I used to use Hairfinity years ago and my hair grew a lot and it was very thick. I had great results on the product, I will keep you all updated on the progress of the pills. I know the hair loss will eventually stop, but damn like I said before I love my hair. I will keep you updated on how the hair pills and pregnancy pills work in 6 months. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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