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Baby Six's First Cold

Having a cold as a child or an adult can be very exhausting, but having a cold as a baby is much harder. At least as a child or an adult you can talk about your symptom’s and explain the problems, but as a baby, you have to figure out. I knew he would eventually get a cold being out in Atlanta’s cold weather. I was just hoping it would not have been this soon. The weather out here has been very cold and rainy. I try not to take him out on days that the weather is just horrible, but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen like that. In the past days, he was getting a little nasally, but not to the point I had anything to worry about. It was raining hard this past week and I had to go pick up one of the boys from school and I had to take him out. I wanted to leave him in the car because I wasn’t going to be but in and out, but I decided that wouldn’t be ok. I took him for only a couple of seconds from the car to the building and back home again. I bundled him up so tight and warm at least I thought so he wouldn’t get sick. Just to my surprise the next morning the nasally sound was much louder. I said to my boyfriend I hope he’s not getting sick. I only had him out for just a little while and that’s all it takes for him to get sick.

I called my friend who is a nurse to ask how to get rid of the mucus besides the suction and she told me to get nasal drops and a humidifier. I didn’t want to take him out again, so I waited until my boyfriend got home to get them. In the meantime, I tried the nose suction from my First Safety kit I bought from Target, but the suction wasn’t long enough or something, it just did not work for me. I went to the store to get the humidifier and nasal drops but only found the nasal drops, the humidifiers were all sold out. I bought Little Remedies Newborn Nasal Drops to help loosen his mucus up. I tried the nose suction one more time thinking it will work now that the mucus is loosened up and nope nothing comes out. My boyfriend blows into our baby mouth and all the mucus comes out from his nose. He does this twice, but he’s still nasally. Now he’s able to breathe better and sleep more. The next day, my boyfriend goes to CVS and buys another nose suction, the one from the hospital that has a longer suction. That works like a charm. We were able to get most of the mucus out and he was feeling much better. I kept the house warm and him bundled up at all times. He didn’t sleep in his bed this week, he slept with us. I wanted to monitor him and his sleeping to make sure he was ok. For days we used the suction and the nasal drops and now he is starting to feel much better. I’m glad this happened this week and not next week because we are going back to California for Christmas holiday. I don’t want to be on a plane with a sick baby. Until Next Time!!!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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