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Post Baby Weight Struggles

As for many women trying to lose the baby weight can be a challenge and for some it is easy. Studies show that women over a certain age have a hard time trying to lose weight, because of their metabolism slows down. Social media does not make losing weight easy as well. You have the pictures of women that bodies are perfect in some eyes and women want that perfect look. Society is very much vain and social media plays a part in that. You can scroll down on your timeline and see a half-naked girl that body has no flaws whether she paid for or it not. Then you have the snatched look that a lot of people talk about after having kids. I look at those women who have bounced back after having a baby two or there months later and think damn I wish that was me. Yes, I said it. A lot of women think it, but not many will admit to it. Most of the people on my timeline, that’s how they get money, so yeah their appearance has to be on point. They're a few that will admit it was hard work and a long road but they put in the work and time to get their body snatched back. Also some of them worked out before and during their pregnancy so that helps the process in loosing the baby weight and eating healthy. In my case I did workout before I got pregnant but I was already trying to loose weight before I had my son. During pregnancy I workout in the beginning stages and had really bad morning sickness that stopped me from working out. Once the sickness was over, my it was hard to get my body to go back to working out and the pounds just packed on and on.

I told myself after I’m cleared from the doctor I will get back to working out. While in California I did for a little bit and I was losing the weight and almost back down the size I was before I got pregnant. I told myself after I get back to my normal weight pre-baby, I still have much to lose from my previous weight goal. Once I moved to Atlanta I said I could walk around our community with the baby in the stroller, well that didn’t happen. The weather decided it was going to be too cold to take him out and walk around. Then I said I would work out in my house while the baby was sleep. That has happened but, not as often as I like. I have come to the decision after looking at my post-baby body that I don’t like, that I have to have the drive to get up and make some SHIT happen. Only I can change that. I have looked at investing into the Peleton cycle bike, but that’s a down payment on a car, then I went on Amazon and found some much reasonable ellipticals that are in our price range and I can use to workout on. Until then it is all about Youtube and Pinterest for exercising tips to do at least 30 minutes a day. Doing some type of cardio and activities will get me one step closer to losing this weight. Another factor is my eating habits, which aren’t so great living out here. We cook hearty meals for the kids to eat and get full on and yes they are delicious, but I’m packing on the pounds because of it. I also emotional eat. You know when you’re not feeling yourself you eat and eat, and eat some more to make yourself feel better, but in the end, you feel like crap. A new year is approaching us and I have to make a serious change if I want to get snatched as they say. Making a fresh and brand new start to eating healthier and working out more for me. I will keep you all updated on my journey. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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