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Frank's 1st Thanksgiving!!

It was baby Frank’s first Thanksgiving and he loved every bit of it. He couldn’t eat any of the food like us, but he enjoyed his formula. It was a fun filled the day for us. At the beginning of the week we had Frank’s son mother come in from California and my cousin as well. This would be our first Thanksgiving in our new house. I’m glad we were able to open up our house and enjoy this holiday with family and friends. The boy’s mom came on Tuesday evening and my cousin came on Wednesday evening. Thursday morning I took Frank to work and when I got back home my cousin and I started cooking and preparing for dinner later on. The kids were still sleeping while we get things together. My cousin seasoned the turkey legs and prepared the candied yams, while I started preparing the cheesecake with my new industrial mixer Frank bought me. Frank was making macaroni and cheese once he got off of work. We cooked all morning and a little part of the afternoon. I woke the kids up once we started to clean up and have them to clean the rest of the house up and get dressed for the day. Once we finished cleaning up the house, it was time to get Frank from work. He came home made the macaroni and cheese and green beans. After he finished it was time to eat. We all gathered around our island in the kitchen, held hands, and said what we were thankful for. We ate good food and had lots of drinks to wash the food down with. My cousin and I cleaned up the kitchen and then I laid down for a nap that turned into two hours long. When I woke up Frank was laying right next to me. He was tired as well, he had been doing doubles all week up to Thanksgiving Day.

The next day we all stayed in bed for a while and just relaxed. After laying around all day my cousin, the boy's mom, and I went to the mall to get out of the house. Traffic was pretty heavy in the city of Atlanta. The mall was very crowded, but the ladies had a great time. I was glad to get them out of the house. The next couple of days were just about family, hanging out, and enjoying each others company. It was time for the boy's mom to leave to go back home and the boys were definitely sad to see her leave. It took a day for them to get back to normal and be ok with her leaving, but now they are happy again. My cousin stayed a couple more days longer and we all just hung out at the house, watching movies and staying warm. Today she left and went back home, the kids went back to school, Frank went back to work, and baby Frank and I are back at the house alone again doing what we do best enjoying each other. This Thanksgiving was filled with new memories and one for the books. I’m glad we decided to stay in Atlanta and host our own dinner. It was a pleasure to have our guest in our home and welcome them. I’m glad it is over though, we have our small house back, and now it is time for the everyday hustle. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!

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