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Baby Six is Two Months Old

I can’t believe Frank is two months old already. It seems like yesterday that I was in labor and he was being born. His weight has changed, he’s more alert, he stays up more during the day, sleeps more at night, and more. It has been a crazy road being a new mother, but I’m enjoying every moment of it. Being in Los Angeles the first 6 weeks of him being born was great. I had serious help from everyone and now that it has been 2 weeks since we moved to Atlanta and it has been a serious adjustment. I thank God for my boyfriend he has been a trooper for me and helping me out. Trying to get the house in order, getting the kids in school, and getting Frank on a schedule again, these past two weeks have been a rollercoaster, but an exciting one for the whole family.

Now that Frank is eating about 6 ounces instead of four ounces, he has been experiencing some spit up problems, I called my friend who’s a nurse and she suggested that try chaining my formula from Enfamil Newborn to Enfamil Gentlease. I’m taking her suggestion and once we are done with the Newborn formula, we will try the Gentlease and let you all know the results.

I have been having some overwhelming feelings, but it’s to be expected with all that has been going on. I have found that taking a moment to myself once my boyfriend is home helps. He comes home and cooks with the kids and takes baby Frank while I get a moment and I’m back to normal. He understands and for that, I’m a lucky woman. Frank and I have our mornings were we are taking the boys to the school bus, taking big Frank to work, then we eat breakfast, he takes a nap, I try to clean up the house, the boys come home, baby frank wakes up, I feed him before I go get big Frank, we get home to cook dinner, get the boys for bed, and start all over again the next day. I’m just happy that I have the help, as the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work”. As baby Frank gets bigger and changes every day, it makes it all worth it. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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