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Baby Frank Dedication

This past weekend we celebrated my son Frank’s dedication at church. This was our last week in Los Angeles and wanted our pastor to bless our before we left. Family and friends came to celebrate with us and it was such a joyous day. His great-grandmother and great-cousin bought his outfit, which was an all white pant suit with a little baby bonnet. Baby frank is only five weeks old, so his outfit was very large when we tried it on him. We had to get the suit taken in a lot for him to be able to wear it. His dad came down from Atlanta on Friday night, on Saturday I had to get myself ready for the occasion as well. Saturday was a hell of a day, because I had so many errands to do, still while trying to pack, and get ready for my own going away party later on that evening. I was very tired once I finished all of my errands, but still enjoyed my night with my friends and boyfriend one last time in Los Angeles. The next day, it was all about baby Frank. We got him dressed and was off to church. We met all of our family and friends their as our pastor dedicated our son to the Lord and wished him many blessings. Once church was over we all headed over to Big Frank’s grandmother house to eat and hang out.

All of our family and friends were there to wish us well and say goodbye as we journey on our new beginnings in Georgia. This family gathering was definitely bitter sweet for me. I’m ready to go to Georgia and start my new life, but I’m nervous since it’s just Frank, the kids, and I. No family and friends are there to help out. Everyone stayed at his grandmother house all day, we talked about old times and how fun Georgia will be for all of us. Everyone held and passed baby frank around to see him one last time before we leave. The day was very long, but fun and as time goes by we are getting closer each day to leave and start this wonderful new journey with my family. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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