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Week and a Half Left

This weekend I finally started packing up our stuff for the big move to Atlanta. I had to separate our clothes from what we are taking, giving to Goodwill, and what is being thrown in the trash. It took all day Saturday to do and Sunday I went to Lowes to buy boxes to start boxing up mine and Lil Franks clothes. I did not want to box up my sons yet, because he is still in school for the next week and a half. I will box up his things later in the last week and send them off two days before we leave. I folded my clothes very small, so they can all fit in the big moving box. I was not sure if one box was enough, therefore I bought 3 for only $2.34. I was able to get all of my clothes I was not wearing in the box as long with Lil Frank's clothes and teddy bears. I was surprised all of these items fit, but was very happy. The other two boxes will be used for my son Caleb's clothes and both of our shoes.

The next day my cousin and I went to Frank's grandmother's house to pack up the rest of Lil Frank's belongings I left over there, his playpen, bouncer, second car seat, and some more clothes. We packed all the items up in a huge box and went to FedEx to ship out the items to Atlanta. When we arrived at FedEx and ship the items and I was nervous at the cost. I had a cost of no more than $100.00 to spend for shipping but did not know if that would be the case. The service agent weighed both packages and the total was 100 pounds, I knew I was going to have to spend more than the expected money, but thanks to a discount I paid under $100.00 all together. That made my day! Now I have a sense of how much the next shipment will cost me for the rest of our belongings. I'm not one of those persons who love to move or even pack. I waited a week before it was time to leave, I put this off for far too long, but now it's over and the next shipment won't be as bad or as much. For those who plan on moving to another state, be more organized and plan ahead for the move, therefore you will not dreading this until the end. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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