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Two Week Check-UP

Times have definitely change when it comes to doctor’s visit. I remember when the first visit was in 6 weeks with my other two children, now there’s a two week check up that the baby has to go to. In my opinion I like the two week check up, just to see how well the baby is doing and get any questions answered at the same time. Now only if they had a two week check up for the mother, now that would be amazing. My boyfriend and I took little Frank to his check up and everything was great. Frank was now 6lbs and 10.7 oz, he was right on his target weight that he should be on. He grew a little 19.10 inches, his head was at the normal size, his man parts healed perfectly, and his umbilical cord had already fell off and healed just right. Our baby was right on target. The doctor asked about breastfeeding and I told her he does both , breastfeeds and formula. I tried to do just breastmilk, but it seemed as if he wasn’t getting enough, so we included formula as well. The doctor stated to still give him Vitamin D drops the will get him as well. I was happy that he gained weight and was growing right on target. Thanks to his dad for calming little Frank down, when the nurse and doctor were doing their routine check up. Once the doctor was done checking Little Frank out, she asked if we wanted to give him his two months shots before we leave for Atlanta. We said yes, so Frank will get his shots at 6 weeks old before we get on the plane. That was the best news for us, the immunization shots can be circulating in his body before we get on the plane to our new permanent address. We got Little Frank dressed and went home. The next doctors visit will be interesting, because he will get 4 shots. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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