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36 Weeks Finally!!

I am 36 weeks and I only have 4 more weeks to go. This has been a long journey that is coming to an end and our new journey of meeting our little boy is about to start. I’m excited, anxious, exhausted, and scared, and in the same token. My boyfriend is excited and can’t wait to meet baby Frank. He’s more clam than me and keeps me grounded all the time, especially throughout this [pregnancy. This is also my last day of work and it has been a challenging week for me. I have had no energy at all this week to go into work. I feel my body saying this is the last week, so we are going to make it impossible to feel energized. I barely did any work at all. Last week at my doctor’s appointment I was trying to get my doctor to take me off for this last week, but she said I was a trooper and could handle it. I told her I’m in pain, tired, and just don’t have it in me to go to work anymore. She stated the only way they would take me off is unless I was going into pre-labor or my job could take me off. Neither of those were choices I could take, so I had to suck it up and work one more week. This had to be the longest week on earth for me, but hey I made it.

Now that I’m off I can get my hospital bag together, get plenty of much needed rest, and do some small errands that don’t require much. I can take my son to the bus stop and have the luxury to go back home and sleep if I wanted to. I do have weekly doctors’ visits, but that’s not going to take too much of my day. I [plan on getting as much sleep as possible, since I will not be sleeping for a while once the baby is born. Having gone through this process twice already, I pretty much have everything I need and ready to go for the big day. My son will be taken care of by dad for the first couple of weeks, then he will come over to my boyfriend’s grandmother house with me and I will take care of him and my little sweet pea. Now it’s just waiting for his arrival to come. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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