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Back To School

This week my son started school and he’s a 5th grader now. It’s bittersweet for me my son is going back to school. On one hand I’m happy he will back in school, but on the other hand, I’m just thinking about when I give birth and have to take him to school and have the baby with me as well. This isn’t my first rodeo of doing this, but it has been a very long time since I had to take one to school and have another in a car seat. I like other parents waited to the last minute to buy his school stuff, but I have a good reason. I’m pregnant and tired and was dreading going to the store to walk around. Thank god for online shopping, because it saved me the hassle of having to go inside the stores to buy what he needed. I bought his clothes from Gap and paid the extra money for express shipping, bought all his school supplies from Target online, and shoes came from Nike and Puma online. Online shopping saved me this school semester, because I was not in the mood to deal with all the people in the stores. Everything came over the weekend, except some of my Gap items and they did send an email apologizing that I would not get part of my order on time. Lucky for me my boyfriend went to Old Navy for me and bought my son 5 pairs of shorts for the first week. I’m still waiting for the clothes, but I can wait now, he has enough clothes for now. This week has been hectic since he started school, but I’m glad we made through the first week. He loves his new teacher and has some of his friends in his class. For now homework for my son, but homework for me signing all the paperwork for the week of school. Until next time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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