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Setting Up The Baby's Room

Since I and the kids are moving to Atlanta after the baby is born, my boyfriend has set up a temporary baby room at his grandmother’s house. I will be staying with her for the extra help and she has a lot of space in her house. I went shopping the week before to get the room all set up. I bought some onesies, nursing bottles, diapers, soap, socks, and more. It has been a roller coaster ride, but we are coming down to the wire. Trying to find the old school baby things I bought when my other two children were born, were born was hard to find. I went to Target thinking I would find the diaper clothes for when he spits and just the solid white color onesies, but it was limited to only a side shelf. It took my friend and I to find them, but we did and I was bale to buy a huge pack of both. I bought the rest from Carter's along with his sleepwear and other clothes to wear around the house. He put up the 4 and 1 play pen; I washed all his clothes, and set up the rest of the room. Watching him put up the play pen was kind of funny. We know how some men are when it comes to putting things together, but he got it together. Now when we arrive to Atlanta, he will be putting up the crib, painting the room grey and white, putting up the dresser, and getting the toys in order. I'm just excited that the time if finally near for him to come grace us with his presence. Now when baby boy comes home, he will have a comfortable room to sleep and play in. It’s a waiting game for him to arrive now! Until next time!

Talk To You Soon!!

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