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Baby Shower!

Last week we celebrated our baby shower and man was the preparation crazy. In the beginning, I didn’t know what I wanted as a theme and after months of thinking, I decided to go with the “Prince Them”. I went on Pinterest to find some examples of what kind of shower I wanted. Pinterest was very overwhelming, but very helpful. At first, I liked the royal blue and gold theme, but once I saw it everywhere I quickly changed my mind. I decided to go with the light blue, gold, and white theme. Once the color of the theme was chosen it was time for my friends to get everything together. It was one hectic planning down to the wire, but I appreciate all my friends that put my shower together, it came out beautiful. I could not have asked for a more beautiful baby shower. Leading up to the days of the shower I was nervous, because I was not sure who was coming, my boyfriend flew in days before so he could be prepared for anything I needed him to do. I did not buy my outfit until the two days before. At that point, I was tired and over with everything. The dress wasn’t even the blue of the theme, but It was still cute. The day of the shower was crazy in the morning, my boyfriend and I went to breakfast and I received a call from my friends saying she needed help. I drove my boyfriend over to her house and went to pick up my cake. My boyfriend’s father came over to help him and they set up all the chairs, tables, and tent up. That was a true help and blessings. It was time for the baby shower to start and I was overwhelmed with joy from all the family and friends who came out and showed us some much love. The whole baby shower was amazing and again my friends did a wonderful job. The next day my best friend and I went through all the gifts and I requested gift cards, because we are moving at Atlanta and did not want to carry all those gifts on the plane. The amount of gift cards I received was amazing. I was overjoyed and thankful to everyone, because that will help- out us a whole lot in shopping for the baby. I’m truly grateful for everyone who came to our baby shower and helped- out. Baby Frank is a blessed child. Until Next Time!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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