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In my previous pregnancies, my third trimester has been a breeze, but this pregnancy has been really hard for me. I’m now 7 ½ months pregnant and the pain I’m feeling is horrible. I have pain in my lower back, left the side of my neck and shoulder, leg, and more. A co-worker said I was getting sciatica pain in my leg because she went through the same thing. I work 8 hours a day and out of those 8 hours at least 5 of those hours I’m in pain walking, sitting, or standing at work. I know you are probably saying why you are at work then? I rather am at work and have something to do all day then be at home and be in pain all day. I only have a month left until maternity leave kicks in and I will be able to rest and relax for a month until my little angel is born. I wanted to get a prenatal massage, but couldn’t because I’m too far along and the place would not take the service. I have tried using a backrest for my chair, but that only worked for a couple of months. I have even tried to change chairs at work and no that’s not helping. My legs and pelvic lock up on me when I sit, stand, or walk for a long period of time.

When I’m driving or sitting in the car for a long period of time, my body locks up on me and it takes a while to get moving. I try to move my legs a little, just so I won’t be so stiff, but that only works for so long. When I sleep I have a huge body pillow that used to work and now that does not work anymore as well. I can lay on my left side and then cramp up, I turn on my right side for a while and then its time to switch again because that side will start to cramp up. I started eating more bananas to help with the cramps. I know the cramping in my legs can come from low potassium. I have tried to exercise to help out, but after a while, my body is in pain. I just have accepted this will be until I give birth, so I just have to try to deal with the pain the best way I can.

I get tons of people who say, I know your due any day now and I reply back nope, I have until September. They are in shock by how big I am and then they say you have a big baby, nope again, my last doctor’s appointment he measured at 2lbs. The shocking looking on their face is priceless when I tell them his weight. I say it’s all me! I have gained 34 pounds so far and still have a month in half to go. The weight has definitely weighed on my body. My other two kids, my pregnancies weren’t as bad, but that 10-year gap of having a child has definitely taken a toll on me. I see older celebrities making it look like a breeze to be pregnant, but for me, it’s been a struggle. In to say that as well, you never really know how they are actually feeling either because looks can be deceiving too. So I say to all the moms having babies late in life, I tip my hat off to you. We can do it! We have the power and strength of a woman to do anything we put our minds to. Until next time!!!

Talk To You Soon!!

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