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The Heat and Pregnancy Don't Mix

Summer is here in Los Angeles and it came with a vengeance these past weekends. I recently came back from Las Vegas for the holidays and the heat out there is expected to be hot as hell, but getting back to the Los Angeles I was happy to be in what I would call normal weather I thought. A heatwave was reported to happen at the end of the week and I watched the weather on my phone, on television, and on the internet to monitor the heat we could be expecting for the weekend. I was praying that this heatwave wouldn’t happen, but it did. On Monday I was searching the internet for portable fans but did not buy anything. I attempted to buy one from Walmart but left it in the cart not knowing if I wanted to buy it or not. The family left for our mini vacation to Las Vegas and I didn’t buy the air conditioner. Came back home Thursday afternoon and the heat was bearable, when I got home I turned on my fan and I was fine. Friday I woke up for work and checked the weather and the heatwave warning was still in place. It was supposed to be 108 in Los Angeles. I thought ok well I will be at work for most of the day in the air-conditioned building, I should be fine by the time I get home. I was sadly mistaken, It was hot as hell in my house. The fan was on all day and all it did was blow hot air in my bedroom. As the sun went down I hoped my room would get cooler, but nope it was still scorching hot in my room. I tried to sleep through the heat, but it was unbearable to deal with. I couldn’t sleep, baby Six was up kicking and punching me all night long, it was just not a happy night for us. I got no sleep, I told myself I’m buying a portable air conditioner in the morning. I looked online for a reasonable air conditioner and found one at Home Depot. I told myself I would cook breakfast and be out my house by 10:00 am when the store opened. Then I thought hey, there’s a Loews by my house let me go their first, so that’s what I did. To my surprised, Loews had been open since 6:00 am.

My son and I went inside the store and all the portable air conditioners were sold out. The only air conditioners the store had was window air conditioners. I have vertical windows and they don’t fit inside my windows. I rushed to Home Depot because they had 56 left according to their website. When I got there, they too were sold out and they opened at 6:00 am. I thought to myself, how could I not see those stores opened up at 6:00 am. I had the Home Depot worker to see if any other store in the area had any left, and the answer was NO. He suggested I go to Costco because they have a bigger warehouse. So we were on our way to Costco and they too were sold out and the surrounding store didn’t have any at all. I felt defeated, I tried Home Depot’s website one more time to see if other stores further out had any in stock and yes they did. I didn’t care how far I had to buy, I was determined not to go back home without an air conditioner. I found the air conditioners in North Hollywood Home Depot. I went online and started to purchase, but called the store to make sure they had some before I drive from Los Angles to North Hollywood. The salesperson said they had plenty in stock, I hung up the phone and bought the air conditioner online and to have it picked up at the store. I drove all the way to the Valley and when I go there I was happy to have found one. I went inside the store and picked up my order. I was happy to see it in the store, that I put in on my Snapchat. My son and I headed back home to set the air conditioner up and get my room cool as ice. I took my dad almost 3 hours to set the slats in my window until he ducked taped the slats to the window and it worked. All I had to do now was wait until my room got colder. My night was wonderful, baby Six and I was able to sleep the whole night away. Woke up actually freezing and I was fine with that. I woke up for church the next morning and did not want to leave my house, but I did. I could not wait until I got back home and feel that cold breeze again on another hot summer day. I am now a happy camper, it took a long journey to find what I needed but it was all worth the while to be happy. Being pregnant in the summer is not fun at all, but since I can’t change that, I have to be comfortable by any means necessary. Staying under the air conditioner while at home is my happy place for the rest of the summer. Until next time!!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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