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Braxton Hicks!!!

Braxton Hicks are considered practice contractions that happen in pregnant women. I have never experienced this with my first two children, but this third child I’m starting to experience it. I was 6 ½ months at the time and I had to look up if this was normal. Well, according to Google it is perfectly fine to have these practice contractions. After Google, I had to get a second opinion and asked my friend who is a nurse and she confirmed it was perfectly fine. She told me to stretch and try to relax when they start happening. Well, its kind of hard to relax at work, so I take a small little break just to try to relax a little and if that does not work, I just take the small pain like a trooper. The pains are sometimes sharp for about 1 to 2 minutes and other times I can work through it. My man makes a joke and says he will pray for me every time I have them. I just laugh, because if men could actually go through the pain, they would understand what women go through. I do not how long this will last, but hopefully it will not last until the end of my pregnancy. I’m going to start pregnant yoga and get more prenatal massages. Both of these practices can help reduce stress, pain, anxiety, and a variety of other problems women go through while pregnant. I would consult with your doctor before doing any of these two to make sure you are ok to do so, but if you are enjoy the relaxation. Until next time!!

Talk To You Soon!!!

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