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The Glucose Test

For every mom who had to take the glucose test, my hats are off to you. The taste alone for at least me isn’t something I was excited for. I can remember when I was pregnant with my daughter twenty years ago and the drink was orange and hot. I thought EWW, why am I taking this. It took me the longest to take the thick hot drink. Once I did I had to sit around for an hour before I could take the blood test. This was the longest hour ever. The results came back normal, I was glad. At age 16 I didn’t really know the relevance of this test and just knew I had to take it. 10 years later I had the same orange drink and the taste was still the same hot and nasty. The test again came back normal, wohoo! Now another 10 years later I’m taking the same test, but much older than I was before. I was a little nervous because I have gained a lot of weight fast this pregnancy and was not sure the results would be normal as my last two. I took the test, but to my surprise the drink was cold and taste like orange soda. I could drink it down in less than a minute, but the results of the test were in the back of my head. I kept thinking I hope the test does not come back with problems, especially gestational diabetes. I have heard so many stories from moms who ended up having gestational diabetes while pregnant at my age 37 and I could not help thinking that this would happened to me. That hour was the longest again for me. I gave blood and an hour later the test results were emailed to my Kaiser account and I was again normal. I felt a since of relief come down. The only problem was that my weight was a little high for only being 6 ½ months pregnant and I did have a slight case of anemia.

I know several people that have recently had to deal with gestational diabetes while pregnant and they had to change they're eating habits and exercise more often. The diabetes seemed to leave once the baby was born and did not carry to the baby either. Some mothers are not as lucky and it does carry on. Now that I know my weight is a possible problem, I have eaten a little greener, now the exercising is something I’m trying to work on still. I work all day and once I get home, my energy is depleted and I do not feel like do anything put putting my feet up and relaxing. I must figure something out, maybe walk for twenty minutes to get that exercise in. Either way I want to do any and everything to make sure I have a healthy delivery.

Talk To You Soon!!

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