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New City New Adventure!!!

We are moving to Atlanta, Georgia baby! My man decided to accommodate our growing family we needed to move to be able to buy a house and live comfortably. He put in his transfer and we went looking for houses in Atlanta. We had a realtor we were dealing with over the phone and online for a little while, but as soon as we landed in Atlanta that quickly changed. I found out from a friend that the area the realtor was trying to have us to see, wasn't in a good school district. He could not meet us at when we first landed and wasn't very helpful in finding houses that were in a good school district. We have three boys that are school age and our main concern is making sure they can go to a great school. I wasn't pleased with the realtor, so we went to look at houses on our own and lucked up and found a great property and a great realtor agent. We loved what we saw, decided to go with them, and now we are closing in a couple of weeks. The house is still being built, but for the price, we would never get that in Los Angeles. I'm a California girl at heart, but I will soon be a Georgia peach. Preparing to move, looking for a new school for the boys, and being pregnant is a lot to do. My stress level is high, but thank God for my man he is amazing and a huge help. He calms me down when I go into overdrive and makes it all better.

The next couple of months is going to be a lot of work, but I have the help of my man and my best friend while going through the process. This is a very scary move for me, I'm leaving all of my family behind especially my dad and I'm a daddy's girl. I have had anxiety, second thoughts, cried, but all in all, change is good. My family is in important to me and the betterment of them is most important. Moving and settling in will be hard, but I know, but it is worth it. My man will be going before us due to work and we will follow once I have the baby. I still have some time to prepare for the move and visit everyone before I leave for my new move adventure in life. For any ladies who know how hard it is to be pregnant, let alone a cross-country move, my hat is off to you all. Having help is the number one relief for me. If I did not have the support, I don't think I would be able to get through this next step in my life. We all need a little help, no matter how much of a super mom we are. Until next time ladies!

Talk To You Soon!!

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